Project Lead: GBBN

06/18/14 – Kick-off Telephone Meeting with Diana Supe of the Facilities Department to request the SOSS (F105). Clarifications made on scope in follow-up emails and calls from PDO.

06/19/14 – Kick-off Meeting with Ralph Linne and Diana Supe with Terry Cannon of ThermalTech.

06/19/14 – Contract Scope Question document authored by GBBN with input from Interior Project Management and ThermalTech.

06/23/14 – GBBN visits 125 East Court Street with CBRE, PDO and Facilities Department.

06/23/14 – GBBN receives electronic drawings and programming documents from CBRE and distributes to consultants.

06/24/14 – GBBN distributes Meeting Minutes to all attendees.

06/25/14 – IPM and GBBN conduct a field verification site visit to the 125 Court Street Facility. IPM and TEI submit scope hours and descriptions to GBBN for SOSS.

06/26/14 – SOSS hand delivered to Bert Watts at monthly Partnering Meeting.

07/09/14- GBBN makes public records request for existing building Code Information to the City of Cincinnati Planning and Buildings.

07/28/14- Bid Opening for Peripheral Furniture. Office Furniture Source is low responsible bidder. GBBN authors AIA contract for submittal to Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

08/21/14- GBBN makes revisions to AIA contract and resubmits originals to Public Defender’s Office.

09/08/14- Biweekly construction administration teleconference.

09/09/14- Change Order #001 issued to Office Furniture Source to raise new systems furniture panels for higher countertops at the pass through window.

09/10/14- Biweekly construction administration teleconference.

09/11/14- Panic button logistics and hardware finalized iwth Sheriff’s Department.

09/17/14- PDO requests a change order to install a second door into Storage File Room #803.

09/23/14- Keidle Appliance is awarded the purchase order for the two refrigerators and microwave.

09/24/14- Biweekly construction administration teleconference.

09/26/14 – Spencer says that move in date is set 10/13 for furniture move and appliances will come the week after. Both floors will occupy at the same time. 230 and 800 personnel are both moving over. There may be one group staying behind. SJ needs to see Steve Sears about getting proximity cards programmed. SJ says IPS is the County contractor.

10/01/14- Jack Herbert sends updated staff list for production of signage.

10/08/14- Biweekly construction administration teleconference.

10/17/14- First semi-truck of furniture delivered to building. Cardboard packaging materials removed the following day.

10/22/14- Second semi-truck of furniture delivered to building. Cardboard packaging materials removed the following day.

10/27/14- Appliances delivered for the Eighth and Ninth Floors.

10/28/14- Final signage installed on both floors.

11/3/14- Owner moves into finished spaces.