07/24/09 – The cost estimates were finished on Wed 07/22 but Bert found several that needed more work or were empty. We finished these today. TTC reviewed every project new and old for completeness. The LEED portion was difficult and I an not 100% sure the data will be totally usable by HamCo fo its 2010 needs but it is the first step towards getting greener buildings. The projects are complete. CRA will be printing manuals for the next 5 days.

06/23/09 – TTC reviewed the Rebuild America and ECM Screening Tool with Tim and issued the original cost and scope documents to the team for updating our scope items for the cost estimate project. I have found several projects that are duplicates and especially have some questions about the Hillcrest site where they appear to be repeated twice and maybe three times. Terry will call Bert to discuss.

06/19/09 – The SOSS is approved and we have begun visiting the buildings. Terry and Mike have been to the 250 WHT building. The remaining projects are being coordinate by several TE employees for field trips next week. For this project we will have Terry, Tim, Andy and Mike Folck performing mechanical estimates. Mike, Danny and George will be performing the electrical estimates. Today we had our internal TEI kickoff meeting and internal Archibus training for input.