Hourly budget funds exhausted for F24A. THP directed to submit for additional $5,000 as F24B.

Past Comments

July 26, 2011 County approved SOSS F24A.

July 18, 2011 THP submitted SOSS F24A for additional funds.

Hourly budget funds exhausted; Bert Watts requested a SOSS for the second half of the year.

Bert Watts requested THP provide a SOSS for the study and repair of the 800 Broadway limestone panels.

THP reviewed reported cracking of Hillcrest Oak Cottage and provided a summary letter on May 5, 2011. Bert Watts requested an SOSS to complete a study of the cracking issues.

THP completed initial review of 800 Broadway limestone condition and provided summary email for review.

THP reviewing 800 Broadway LEED EB proposal structure.

May 5, 2011 SOSS approved.

April 28, THP provided SOSS.

April 24, 2011 SOSS requested SOSS.