4/26/10- Bert Watts discussed Estimating Project at Monthly Partner Meeting

5/8/10- Bert Watts email with attachments listing Partner and Project Manager Project List received.

5/12/10- GBBN received estimates for services from Mike Strine at Pinnacle Engineering for Asbestos Abatement Services.

5/13/10- GBBN submitted SOSS to Bert Watts.

6/23/10- Met with Walt Heckel of THP to coordinate all projects involving “All Partners”.

6/23/10- Conference call with Susan Barrett of IPM to discuss Communications Building Projects estimated earlier by IPM.

6/24/10- GBBN submits proposal requests to vendors for printing and assembly of project binders.

7/01/10- GBBN met with Bud Wells at Parkhaus Garage to discuss vegetative roof project request

7/02/10- IPM/GBBN visited Communications Center to discuss two project requests.

7/03/10- GBBN visited 2020 Auburn to discuss and document two project requests.

7/18/10- QCR delivers final binder tab revisions to GBBN to allow for final binder assembly.

7/19/10- Deliver project request binders (9 sets) to Bert Watts at the Courthouse.

7/20/10- Record set of Binders delivered to MEP Partner TEI.

7/22/10- Bert Watts delivers revisions to Binder Summaries for GBBN to insert into sets for partners.

7/23/10- Record set of Binders delivered to structural Partner THP.

7/27/10- Bert indicated the binders are to be slightly realigned from GBBN’s submission. Bert will take the 9th set of binders and realign them for GBBN’s reference. GBBN’s current office copy set of binders will be delivered to IPM for their records.

7/29/10- GBBN to received 9th set of binders from Bert Watts at the monthly partnering meeting.