LEED Partner: THP
Current Status: SOSS
Contract Date:N/A

Status: N/A



03/29/12 THP completed initial review the book case load assessment on the 9th floor in the Administration building. Initial assessment was inconclusive; either drawings are needed or testing is required.

THP Staff submitted information to Sheriff on January 30, 2012. Sheriff’s office noted background check can take six to eight weeks.

SOSS submitted; waiting on approval.

04/25/12 – THP working Administrative building load assessment field work to be scheduled with anticipated answer by mid-May. Drawings do not exist, so THP is complete a field survey and tests.

4/30/12 THP provided summary letter of Administrative Building load assessment to Bert Watts.

5/23/12 County provided Capital project list with proposed schedules. THP agreed with the proposed schedule.

5/29/12 County requested SOSS for the following projects: Memorial Hall, 800 BW Roof, and 250 WHT windows and concrete repair. SOSS due June 1, 2012.