03/31/11- Kick-off Meeting with Bert Watts during regular monthly Partnering Meeting. Tabulation Lists to be issued to all partners.

04/28/11- SOSS delivered to Bert Watts at monthly partnering meeting.

05/16/11- Met with Scott Lemond of ARC to discuss printing schedule and deliverables.

05/12/11- GBBN and IPM visited with Greg Smorey of the County Engineer’s Office to discuss the CAB 8th Floor Phase 2 Renovations.

05/18/11- Met with Greg Smorey of the County Engineers Office to review scope of project request for the Phase 2 renovation of the 8th floor not renovated in Phase 1.

05/31/11- Meeting with Greg Gelhaussen of the County Engineer’s Office at Ripple Road Engineer’s Garage.

06/14/11- All project Request Estimating is closed and completed.

06/23/11- Bert Watts email indicating three Project Requests have been eliminated.

06/27/11- Bert Watts email indicating one additional Project Request has been eliminated.

06/30/11- Deadline for all consultants to complete any requested revisions to Project Requests.

07/05/11- Delivery of electronic files and lists of projects to ARC printing

07/27/11- Binders received from ARC printing. Bert Watts accepts delivery from GBBN

07/29/11- GBBN delivers and installs corrected spline and cover slipsheets.

08/05/11- GBBN delivers partner sets of binders to THP and IPM.

08/25/11- GBBN delivers partner set of binders to TEI and CD’s of 2011 and 2012 to all partners.