11/19/12 – SOSS submitted.

11/29/12 – SOSS Approved.

12/12/12 – TTC updated front end documents to remove Terrorist documents.

02/01/13 – TTC updated front end bid documents to remove change President to Chris Monzel.

02/12/13 – TTC & SJ updated front end documents to add the non English speaking language to the Supplemental Conditions.

02/15/13 – TTC updated font end documents to remove the SBE paperwork and language.

03/14/13 – 800 Broadway Vacuum Pumps – TTC recommends doing the following after tracking down some factory information and meeting with Process Construction: 1. Temperatures coming back in the condensate piping are high indication leak-by at the traps: Recommendation-do a full trap survey and repair dysfunctional traps. 2. Temperature in “hurling” chamber start low when system is off and then rise to 190F. The aquastat on the hurling chamber is set at 190F so this tank will quench and drain continuously when the temperature is above 190F. We changed the MUW to this unit from softener water to standard city water because it is typically drained upon use. There is no need to use soft water for this mark up. This work was already completed today when I was there. 3. The condensate pumps are on a mechanical alternator and take turns pumping condensate in the lower chamber to the DA tank for boiler feed water make-up. 4. The vacuum pumps however are lead/backup. VP-1 is always the first pump on when the system vacuum gets close to 0″HG. It provides up to 4″ HG of vacuum, if this pump cannot provide vacuum, it automatically turns on the second pump and both VP-1, VP-2 run together to provide 4″HG. The vacuum limits are between 4″ to 8″HG. 5. Please leave all four HOA switches in the Auto position at all times. 6. With this knowledge, I believe I can report the Vacuum Pump Package on the left in the boiler room is working properly. 7. The vacuum package on the right appears to have a pump seal leaking and should be repaired prior to putting back into service. 8. Please repair the building steam traps to reduce the inlet temperatures from the traps to approximately 180F. Process stated that the vacuum system must be used when the building has low loads but you may find that under high loads (32F or lower) the steam system has enough pressure to push the condensate through the system and you can turn them off the vacuum pumps-that is for your users to decide if that can be done without leaving so much condensate in the building systems.

03/26/13 – Updated Website. Sent out some new formatting rules for users.