12/24/13 – SOSS Requested

01/03/13 – SOSS Submitted to County.

01/07/13 – SOSS Executed.

03/20/13 – THP met with County to review beam condition in the basement of the Administration building. Based on the initial visit an additional assessment needs to occur to determine the effect of the active deterioration on the beam. The assessment will determine the need to stabilize or repair the beam.

06/04/13 – Coroner building is reporting long term leaks in the basement under the entry slab. Bert requested THP contact Mike Jackson and determine the possible leak/scope.

06/14/13 – Coroner building – THP reviewed entry after short term heavy rain. Evidence of long term water infiltration was evident, but entry did not leak. Reported findings to County with to recommendations: water test or wait for soaking rain to determine water leak. County directed THP to wait for a soaking rain; then publish a letter of findings.
10/31/13 – THP waiting for active water infiltration in the Coroner Building to evaluate scope of work.

01/30/14 – THP plans to archive project.