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06/06/12 THP submitted SOSS.

06/07/12 SOSS Executed.

06/29/12 THP updated Archibus with project estimates for 1469 and 1471. THP, TTE, and GBBN working on estimate for Revit modeling (1467).

09/17/12 – TTC checked in with Partners to ensure that website is updated with final cost for Bert and it was agreed that we had all of our consultant time entered to do the ThermalTech provided 3D modeling presented at Partner meeting in July with THP and GBBN support for building frame structures done at base level.

09/06/12- GBBN meets with Tremco Roofing on site to finalize the remaining roofs that require restoration or replacement. This is a result of the Project Request Estimate that was cancelled due to inaccurate roof designations for estimating.