Partner: All Partners

04/25/13 – Bert reported that we are still probably doing estimates for next year but it may be later this year than most. They will handle resubmitted projects and the partners will get the new projects.

05/30/13 – BW reported that they are getting close to releasing the list to the partners but RWL has to review several items. This list may be bigger than usual if we get to do the entire list this year. This may include some work on the 20 year project.

07/08/13 – GBBN receives the “Capital Roof Plan” showing the historical replacement data and estimated pricing of the six downtown campus buildings from Tremco Roofing.

07/11/13 – GBBN submits SOSS to County for approval.

07/30/13 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from County.

07/23/13 – GBBN meets with Darnell Edwards to review elevator replacement estimating scope.

07/25/13 – GBBN meets with Joe Merkt to visit the Justice Center Roof for the roofing replacement estimate.

07/26/13 – GBBN meets with Mike Florimonte to visit the CAB and 230 WHT Law Center Roofs for the roof replacement estimates.

08/08/13 – GBBN meets with Aluminum Resources to discuss the Window Replacement estimates for the six downtown campus buildings.

08/09/13 – City of Cincinnati Elevator Inspection Department responds with Elevator Code Requirements applicable to the 800 Broadway Elevator Equipment Replacement.

08/10/13 – Kone Elevators responds with Estimating data to GBBN for the 800 Broadway Elevator Equipment Replacement. Existing equipment is Montgomery-Kone.

08/13/13 – GBBN meets with Maria Karvelas to discuss the 230 WHT Pre-Trial Estimating Scope.

08/15/13 – GBBN sends preliminary plans to Maria Karvelas for review.

08/16/13 – Maria Karvelas indicates preliminary drawings for the Pre-Trial estimate meet the requirements.

08/21/13 – GBBN receives pricing back from Seeger Glass for the replacement of the Justice Center High Security Windows.

08/26/13 – GBBN completes all estimating into Archibus.

08/28/13 – TEI reviewed combined estimates and made minor changes.

09/03/13 – GBBN contacts ARC to notify of impending printing requirements within the next two to three weeks.

07/08/13 – County provided list of project estimates for 2014.

07/17/13 – THP submitted SOSS for review.

08/08/13 – County approved SOSS.

08/27/13 – THP completed structural estimates and entry into Archibus.