Lead Partner: TTE

Current Status: SOSS


09/17/14 – SOSS submitted.

09/26/14 – Prep work started for these estimates. Waiting on Administrator approvals.

10/29/14 – THP completed initial field work and estimates. THP entering data into Archibus.

12/12/14 – BW called with an SOSS update. This project is approved for work at a new SOSS. TTC marked approved and gave Becky the PO for future billing. Coroners office 20 Year cost to be added to scope.

01/19/15 – All 20 year estimates are complete. TTE coordinate with THP and GBBN for roof estimate at Coroners Office to complete the entire list.

01/21/15 – GBBN reported that Coroner’s Roof Estimate was complete.

02/25/15 – GBBN finishes creating all pdf files for printing. ARC Reprographics contacted for pick-up.