12/11/14 – Bert requested new SOSS this week for several end of year projects including A&D General Service, BW General Service, and 2015 Dereg Services.

03/31/15 – TTC requested updated account numbers for the Elec Dereg project from all clients for the 2015 bid.

04/01/15 – Greg Gelhausen replied to my account number request and wants to add one account to the bid. TTE said no problem.

04/14/15 – ITB 010-15 has been assigned to this project.

04/15/15 – TTE requested billing data from Duke on all accounts included in this bid.

04/20/15 – David Hisser returned all billing data to TTE for Calendar Year 2014.

05/25/15 – First Draft should be ready this week for Ralph and Tony to review and approve.

06/24/15 – Project is out for bid. Addendum 1 has been sent out. Addendum 2 is being prepared. We have 4 bidders registered.

07/16/15 – Dynegy contract approved for all four departments. Service starts in Jan 2016.

08/26/15 – Dynegy offered all Hamilton County employees a Preferred Discount plan on home electricity through 2015 or 2017.