Lead Partner: GBBN

0717/14 – Bert Watts sends email to partner with initial listing of projects.

07/18/14 – GBBN inquires about 20/30 year projects, cost of living increases and approaches for delivery of these estimates. Bert Watts responds to GBBN.

07/21/14 – Bert Watts responds to questions via email and deliverable date.

07/22/14 – THP initials email and spreadsheet for discussion on lead partner roles in shared project estimates. GBBN responds back to THP.

07/29/14 – GBBN informs ARC Reprographics of probable schedule for deliverables of printing and binder assembly.

10/07/14- GBBN visits Burlington Garage and completes roof replacement estimate.

10/09/14- GBBN completes all 20-year Capital Improvement Estimates.

10/17/14- GBBN coordinates with Bert Watts on scope for the Technology Estimates at the Courthouse and Justice Center.

10/23/14- GBBN completes all 2015 Project Estimates including LEED Silver Estimates.

02/25/15 – GBBN finishes creating all pdf files for printing. ARC Reprographics contacted for pick-up.

03/22/15 – GBBN picks up empty binders from Facilities department for pickup by ARC Reprographics.

03/24/15 – ARC Reprographics picks up empty binders from GBBN for assembling final volumes of Project Request Estimating Volume Sets.