Lead Partner: GBBN

Current Status: SOSS Approved


07/22/14 – THP issued SOSS.

08/04/14 – County requested SOSS for 20 year project estimates.

08/05/14 – GBBN issued initial SOSS for County review.

08/21/14- GBBN submits revised SOSS with 20-Year projects removed from the Annual Estimating

08/22/14 – County approved Revised SOSS.

09/03/14 – County approved SOSS.

09/23/14 – THP published Archibus estimates.

10/29/14 – THP completed initial field work and estimates. THP entering data into Archibus.

02/25/15 – GBBN finishes creating all pdf files for printing. ARC Reprographics contacted for pick-up.