05/16/15 – County requested SOSS from Partners.

05/18/15 – Bert Watts forwards email with “List of Projects by Partner” to all partners.

05/26/15 – GBBN hand delivers SOSS to Bert Watts.

05/29/15 – THP anticipates issuing SOSS.

06/02/15 – THP issued SOSS

06/05/15 – County executed SOSS for THP

06/24/15 – ThermalTech is complete with all but 3 estimates which are to be worked on tomorrow. Bert added #1824 for 800 Broadway Emergency Generator to TEI scope today. THP completed estimates and data entry into Archibus.

06/25/15 – GBBN completed with all but four estimates. ADA/Title II/III Projects Request Estimates are ongoing. Bert said that all projects must be done by 6/25 so he can make the early July deadline for the County.

07/20/15 – Facilities Department sends binder summary documents to GBBN for printing. GBBN informs ARC of the impending printing schedule.

08/26/15 – A call to ARC Reprographics confirmed the binder printing and assembly is nearly complete. ARC expects to deliver the binders to GBBN on Monday August 31st right on schedule.

08/31/15 – ARC Reprographics delivers all binders and existing documents to GBBN Offices.

09/01/15 – GBBN delivers Hamilton County copies of binders to Facilities Department.