All Partners

04/18/15 – Bert sent out estimate list for SOSS pricing. Facilities sends list of Project Request Estimating “Project by Partner” list to GBBN.

04/22/16 – Facilities sends email clarifying number of “standard” binders and “summary” binders along with CD’s to be delivered. Also clarification to other estimates are provided.

04/25/16 – IPM sends proposal for hours to be incurred for interiors scope of estimating.

04/25/16 – Facilities requests two separate SOSS, one for the estimating and one for the binder assembly and reimbursable expenses.

04/26/16 – GBBN hand delivers both SOSS to Facilities.

04/26/16 – Facilities requests that GBBN/IPM contact Facilities first for initial estimate contact on each Project Request and for any RFI.

05/25/16 – TEI proceeding nicely on cost estimates. We are hoping to be complete by 5/27/16 with all engineering estimates.

06/01/16 – TEI complete with 2017 estimates. We updated a few and added one after discussing with Bert Watts.

06/10/16 – GBBN completes all estimates.

06/20/16 – Facilities approves GBBN to begin estimate printing for final binder assembly.

06/28/16 – GBBN completes electronic project request estimate printing and notifies ARC for pick-up of all materials for binder assembly.