Lead Partner: THP

04/18/16 – County requested GBBN complete project estimates for new 2017 work.

04/28/16 – GBBN provided an SOSS for review.

05/17/16 – County approved SOSS.

05/25/16 – GBBN reports to Facilities that it has completed estimates and entered them into Archibus for all assigned projects.

06/01/16 – Project estimates completed printing to pdf. Progress reported to Facilities.

06/14/16 – Facilities sends completed Binder Summary sheets to GBBN.

06/20/16 – GBBN completes packaging of al materials for ARC pick-up. ARC instructed to send deliveryman. Facilities confirms final numbers of binders and CD to be processed.

06/22//16 – ARC makes pick-up of all materials.

07/05/16 – ARC requests one pdf file be reprocessed and emailed. GBBN processes and emails back.

07/27/16 – GBBN sends request for status to ARC concerning printing and binder assembly.

07/28/16 – ARC responds the binders should be delivered between August 1 and the 4th.

08/01/16 – ARC delivers the binders and materials to GBBN. GBBN delivers one set of each binder to Facilities for review. Modified end binders required but approval given to GBBN to deliver all remaining binders.

08/02/16 – All final assembled binders and CD’s delivered to Facilities. CD delivered to IPM and TEI.

08/25/16 – GBBN delivers CD to THP at Partnering Meeting.

09/23/16 – GBBN receives final ARC invoice for printing services.