Lead Partner: THP

04/14/16 – County requested THP complete an investigation of slab settlement and cracking observed in the building.

04/18/16 – County requested THP complete project estimates for new 2017 work.

04/27/16 – THP provided an SOSS for review.

05/17/16 – County approved SOSS.

05/25/16 – THP has completed estimates and entered them into Archibus for all assigned projects except 17-FAC-2020-1847 and 17-FAC-5035-1848. Also confirmed Archibus entries for 17-REC-0138-1633 (entered by GBBN, LEED estimate currently $0.00 – not entered) and 17-FAC-1021-1845 (entered by THP and Thermal Tech).

05/27/16 – THP’s goal for having remaining two projects estimated and entered.

06/01/16 – Project estimates complete.