05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

07/24/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

09/25/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

10/30/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

12/11/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

01/28/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

02/26/20 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI contacts Jessica Powell and requests project kickoff with 2020 staff.  Kickoff meeting to occur ASAP and project to commence thereafter.

03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager meet to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.

04/30/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI meets with Bryan Collins to re-kickoff project.  TEI contacts sub contractor to schedule field investigation to incorporate into the SKM model.  field investigations to be coordinated with building manager.

08/21/20 – TEI has Phasor Electric perform field investigation of all of the gear and feeders at the building.  Field work notes were sent to TEI on 08/20/20, and the data will now be entered into the model for running calculations.

09/23/20 – TEI processing data from Phasor – and will complete the modeling upon receipt of follow up data requested from Phasor.

10/27/20 – Phasor scheduling back visit to the building to get missed information and then the model will be completed and sent to Hamilton County Safety Consultant for review.

12/09/20 – Phasor returned to site to gather missed information.  Finalizing model, and will send through internal review, and then forward to Charlie for his review.