05/03/07 – Hard copy report is finished and being delivered to Mark Donnelly.

04/26/07 – TTC told Mark that he would incorporate Don Benbow’s mark up and update the website and give him 6 new hard copies.

04/18/07 – The only comments that we have received are from Don Benbow. We will update the report for the items we are willing to concede and update and send down final copies to Mark Donnelly if he is okay with this approach.

04/13/07 – Issues in disagreement are being worked out.

04/04/07 – Matre forwarded some comments from Don Benbow. TE may incorporate his suggestions into the report. We however disagree with some of them.

03/30/07 – Email copy has been delivered to Mark Donnelly for markup. TEI will provide 6 hard copies upon receipt of HamCo comments.

03/23/07 – Awaiting notification to provide hard copy of report.

03/20/07 – TTC to input report on Wednesday. Report has been input to Archibus. Review set to be hand delivered on Thursday.

03/14/07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Report completed, information to be inputted into Archibus on 03/12/07. Hard copy will be delivered during the week of 03/12/07.