01/24/11 – All punchlist and closeout documents have been sent to Bert for this project. Receptacle was moved by Ginter on water softener.

10/1/10 – All work is complete. Seco has not turned in final closeout paperwork yet.

09/22/10 – Peck has scheduled change order work to start at the end of September. ThermalTech has provided answers to the PHB questions on the Change Order work.

08/13/10 – Peck submittals are approved on water heater and all other change order work. Seco change order was sent out for signing. Seco payapps sent to Bert for payment. Siemens payapps sent to Bert for payment.

07/23/10 – Peck change orders are approved. Folck is working on Seco closeout documents and change order forms. Peck is to schedule change order work starting next week. Bert is trying to get PO for water softener.

06/02/10 – Siemens has provided pricing for OM-1 Actuator Option to convert 2-position valves to modulating. Isolation valves will need to be modulating to avoid damaging system shock.

05/28/10 – Boiler installation has been approved by IBI. There are a few minor issues which Seco will complete next week. PH+B has provided pricing to install blank off orifice plates to convert (3) 3″ flanged 3 way bypass valves to 2-way valves for AHU-1,2,3. Blank off plates are 1/16″ thick with a 1/4″ hole in the center for relief and will be installed between the existing valve gaskets and flanges. CB BLR-3 and BLR-4 have been successfully fired and will continue commissioning by Siemens next week.

05/26/10 – Boiler installation has been approved by the State/City and is ready for startup with CB Thursday and Friday (5/27-5/28).

05/24/10 – We had a construction meeting today for the project. All mechanical and electrical work has been completed. Siemens will be on-site all week to install control wiring and begin controls startup / commissioning. Boiler inspections are scheduled for Wednesday (5/26 – State/City) and Thursday (5/27 – Electrical). Boiler startup with CB is scheduled for Thursday and Friday (5/27-5/28).

05/21/10 – HWS/HWR and NG piping have been completed. Condensate drain line and relief valves will be installed Monday (5/24). Combustion air intake has been modified to eliminate 45 degree elbow around conduit rack. All electrical work has been completed including VFD’s, pump, and boiler feeds. Current transformer has been fixed temporarily until new transformer is installed on Monday (5/24). Control panel has been installed and conduit for control wiring was run to boilers and pumps. CC will be on-site all next week (5/24-5/28) to install control wiring, thermal wells, and begin programming with Chris Neff.

05/18/10 – Combustion air and exhaust have been installed for Boiler #3 & #4. (1) 45 degree elbow was used on intake air to avoid conduit rack. TTE recommends (2) 90 degree elbows vs (1) 45 degree elbow for a more appealing installation. To avoid compromising the security bars and make installation more simple, combustion air intake was not installed thru existing louvers. Boiler piping has been started and will be completed by Monday (5/24). Balancing valves or triple duty valves will not be used for this installation. Copper was considered for condensate drain lines to avoid damage by foot traffic, but is not an option due to possible erosion from acidic condensate. If problems occur in the future, condensate drain lines could be changed to sch 80 pvc or stainless steel. Electrician has moved (2) of (4) VFD’s near pumps and will complete installation Wednesday (5/19). Siemens will be on-site Thursday (5/20) for controls.

05/14/10 – Project schedule was updated and meeting notes were sent out from construction meeting on Monday (5/10). All demo has been completed for boiler #2. New Boiler #3 & #4 are currently in the assembly process and will be completed on Monday (5/17). Included boiler legs have been shortened 5″ to accommodate overhead clearance requirements. Boiler #3 & #4 have been positioned on existing concrete pad as shown on TTE drawings. Included boiler exhaust was installed opposite of drawings by factory and will be changed to match TTE drawings. Boiler piping will now be routed between boilers as approved by TTE. HWS valve has been relocated near existing HWS tie-in. TTE considering the addition of balancing valves or triple duty valves for Boiler #3 & #4. Boiler combustion air, exhaust, and piping will be installed next week (5/17-5/21). Electricians will be moving VFD’s near pumps on Tuesday (5/18) to satisfy line of site concerns. Replacement transformer is scheduled to arrive Wednesday (5/19).

05/10/10 – We had a construction meeting today for the project. Peck will begin demolition on Tuesday. Controls and Electricians will be reported next week to start their next phase of work. TTE will work on schedule and meeting notes this week.

05/07/10 – We setup a const mtg for next week on Monday to kick off the demolition on this job and to coordinate the construction issues. The permit has been approved by IBI and City. The real work begins.

04/29/10 – We continue to work on schedule with Peck. PHB came on Wednesday to begin coredrilling for the new vents. The city has the permit held up on 3 issues that TEI sent responses down for reconciliation. The electricians and Siemens are working on a disconnect issue with the VFD’s. Boiler is scheduled to be demolished on May 10 which has been approved by Don Benbow.

03/24/10 – Siemens payapp has been received but the schedule of values is not acceptable. TTC will contact Siemens. Peck payapp has been approved.

03/23/10 – All submittals have been received. All submittals have been returned. We clarified an issue with the boiler vent piping. It can be single wall with personnel protection on this job. A controls meeting is scheduled next week to work on sequences with 2020 and the Siemens. Gary Davies will attend for TEI.

02/22/10 – No word on Siemens. TEI created permit drawings sets for the contractors, as soon as they are stamped and signed, we will give to contractors. Small modifications to venting per the 02/12 visit.

02/12/10 – Met with Peck on site and reviewed project with Foreman. Contact all contractors for submittals. Neff said he could call Siemens for me to find out where their subs are.

01/19/10 – The preconstruction meeting was held on site. TEI has approved the boiler submittals but wants better paperwork. Siemens did not attend the precosnt meeting. PHB and Seco were in attendance and are working on submittals as TEI works on permit drawings for the project.

12/31/09 – Contracts are signed but the BOCC have to approve them before we start. Siemens state term contract is ready. Peck asked for and received an extension on the project completion date. Ballinger informed us through Peck that boiler prices will increase in 2010 if we don’t order in 2009. That is a problem since the contract won’t be approved because of winter hours for the BOCC.

10/19/09 – Bid came in for the project. Peck appears to be the lowest bidder. I confirmed the prices with Bernie. His labor looks low but they are willing to do the project for the price. I know have to look at the LCC for the boilers and see which is best and look at lead times on the equipment.

09/18/09 – Final bid documents were sent to Purchasing and Queen City. The Bid Opening is October 19th. The Prebid is Oct 1. Chris Neff called and wants to go over some drawing details. The controls contract will be given to Siemens under a state term contract. TEi turned over the pdf’s to Siemens but we have not heard any comments from the CC yet. Gary is in the office this week so we need to organize the final details.

08/25/09 – Control schemes are finished. SOSS is approved. TEI is working on design. We need to go back and do more fieldwork for verification and start the design on paper. We are bidding 3 alternates for boilers: Clearfire, Fulton, Sync.

07/28/09 – TTC & TZ visited the site and did the preliminary field work. TTC created and sent Tony an SOSS for the project. TTC will hand deliver the SOSS to Bert at the County Partnering Meeting.