08/13/10 – We are waiting on an approved SOSS to proceed.

09/24/10 – Project was bid out as scheduled. Bid opening scheduled for Oct 14.

10/25/10 – Contract for Peck has been sent to Tony for approval. Tony said he was going to pay for Boiler #1 repair this year and install the new boilers in Spring 2011.

01/24/11 – Contracts are in approval stages. Waiting for pre const mtg. Labor will start after heating season, March 2011.

02/22/10 – Pre Const Mtg Complete. Mtg notes being sent to contractors. PHB has submitted boiler paperwork for approval. The original rain caps have been removed on the boiler stacks to prevent ice puddling below the stacks. PHB is looking at installing thimble caps on all new vents. New venting and project schedule must be approved.

03/30/11 – Peck is working on boiler order and delivery. Boiler submittals and electrical submittals have been returned to Peck. We are currently trying to work out a change order on the control valves, actuators and flow meter. The project will begin in May-June 2011. We should be finished by the time summer is over.

05/12/11 – Peck is working on new background checks. All change orders have been sent through. Boilers are ordered.

06/07/11 – Boilers are at PHB and the flues should be there in a few weeks. PHB still needs to get background checks back from the State before they proceed.

06/20/11 – PHB is ready to start some sheet metal demo in the boiler room next week, also finalizing the project schedule for this job.

Item #2 – There are a couple of issues with the control equipment that we need to discuss. The acuator and valve by Keystone apparently is out of stock. They have offered a replacement that we can get, it is slightly bigger than the one we specified. The problem is TTC can’t find this model on their website. Asked Chris who they contacted locally for prices and model #’s.

Item #3 – TTC asked if Siemens or someone else preferred make the paddles wheel flow meter needed. Bernie was looking for a local manufacturer that sells the Badger flow meter, but was not aware of any yet. Did Siemens offer the one we get easily?

07/07/11 – Peck is on site performing demo. Chris has been sharing controls and wiring with the Peck for purchase through Seco.

07/21/11 – Pipefitters are complete with their work. Sheet metal guys are waiting for a fitting for the flues, and will continue as soon as they get the rest of their materials. SECO Electric will be on site Monday 7/25. Start up is scheduled for August 12th, that will give enough time to get everything complete and the boilers inspected. ThermalTech has to provide a punchlist and discuss controls with Chris Neff.

08/05/11 – TTC sent out an email punchlist to Peck from a site visit last week. Bernie said they can get this done.

08/08/11 – Peck submitted payapp #1 but the change order paperwork is not signed yet. TEI asked them to modify their payapp so they can bill more quickly on this project.

08/25/11 – All work is complete except for metal pans on louvers. Boiler alarms not part of new boilers, Bill is working on a separate change order for that. Ready to closeout. Chris is writing sequences now.

09/28/11 – Pay App #1 was resubmitted by PH&B. Approved by TTC 3 copies were sent to Tony Matre on this date.

09/30/11 – We resolved Payapp #1 issues and asked PHB for closeout documents. Tony paid the $102,600 invoice already so we voided the later invoice and asked for a #2 for closeout. The change order was signed on May 13.

10/24/11 – Payapp 2 (labeled 3) arrive and was paid. Payapp 3 (retainer arrived and was held for closeout docs). TTC advised PHB the closeout documents are due before final payment can be made.

12/23/11 – This project will be archived for 2012.

02/22/12 – Chris reports all boilers are working great but there is still some programming left for him to change or update. This project is ready to be archived. All closeout and pay applications have been sent to Tony.