07/25/17 – Facilities department receives indication that the existing Fire Alarm system is beyond usable life and that parts are no longer available for the existing system. Requested an SOSS from TEI to provide an assessment of existing conditions and make recommendations. TEI issues SOSS for project to provide assessment of the fire alarm system and provide recommendations. TEI receives approved SOSS and PO.
08/28/17 – Report in progress. TE receives information from Siemens on existing system obsolescence dates and also conducts meeting and building walk through with John Nester and Bill Scholl.
09/26/17 – ThermalTech is completing to study. Will submit draft of Study to Facilities department by 10/06/17 for review and comment.
10/25/17 – ThermalTech submits final copies of report to Bert Watts for distribution.

01/22/18 – Next steps pending review of study.
02/20/18 – Next Steps pending review of study.

03/27/18 – Next Steps pending review of study…

04/25/18 – Next steps pending review of study.