01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for the project requested by Facilities.

02/26/20 – TEI receives PO and signed SOSS.  TEI and Jessica Powell request design kickoff meeting with 2020 staff.  Project kickoff meeting to be scheduled ASAP and design to commence thereafter.

03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager meet to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.

04/30/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID -19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI meets with Rycca and Joe Houlihan to re-kick off the project.  TEI re-booted the design process.  Design fieldwork to be scheduled in the next 2 weeks or so.

08/21/20 – TEI completes field work and is working on completing design.  TEI reaching out to Darryl Meadows (CFD) to schedule 85% complete review meeting with CFD and Bldg Department to get buy in on design with the AHJs prior to sending to HCFD for design review.

09/23/20 – TEI meets with Darryl Meadows, at the facility to review the design documents.   Darry indicated that there is no BDA in the building presently, and that the City Ordinance requires a 3rd Party company (i.e. MobilCOMM) perform a spectrum analyzation of the building.  TEI contacted MobilCOMM to obtain a quotation for the analysis.  TEI will schedule a meeting to review design documents with HCFD – discuss option of Mass Notification, and latest Code changes that have been issued by NFPA 72, but that have not been adopted by the City of  Cincinnati to date.

10/27/20 – TEI receives quotation from MobilCOMM for spectrum analysis for the building.  TEI to schedule the test at a date that is approved by building manager.  Upon receipt of the results of the testing – documents will be finalized and a review set will be sent to HCFD once funding for the project is secured.

12/09/20 – Spectrum Analysis scheduled for 12/15/20 with MobilComm.  Upon receipt of results of analysis, TEI can send 99% set to HCFD for review in preparation for a January 2021 issuance.