Partner Lead: TEI

09/28/13 – Mike Barth met with Bill Scholl about scope of upgrading the security system which may include the locks, cameras and maybe master clock systems. Currently developing the SOSS for Tony.

02/24/16 – Tony inquired about resurrecting this project today. Debra Kuempel provided a new estimate for replacing some parts of the head end.

03/29/16 – ThermalTech reviewed the estimate from DK and authored a letter to Tony Matre to describe what DK had included in their bid versus what was included in the Archibus complete system replacement. Tony to provide ThermalTech with direction to move forward. Project on hold pending direction from Tony.

04/27/16 – Project pending direction from HamCo. BW said this is on hold as it is part of a larger budget appropriations for this building. It may be incorporated into a larger project at the 2020.

05/25/16 – SOSS Submitted to Bert Watts – Pending approval and PO.

06/27/16 – SOSS approved and PO Issued. ThermalTech conducted Kick-off meeting on site with Facilities and building staff. ThermalTech provided field work to document the existing conditions. ThermalTech meeting with Vicon industries on 06/29/16 to discuss options and capabilities.

07/27/16 – ThermalTech met with Vicon to address issues with new system and to get answers for 2020 questions. ThermalTech scheduled a design progress meeting with the 2020 staff, meeting scheduled for Friday August 5th when 2020 IT department staff returns from vacation.

08/23/16 – TEI attended Design meeting at 2020. Final Design review meeting scheduled for 08/31/16, and scheduled to be issued for bidding on or before 9/9/16.

09/28/16 – Drawing package issued for Bids on 09/09/16. Pre-bid meeting occurred on 09/20/16. Addendum #1 has been issued with Pre-bid meeting notes and sign in sheet. Bid opening scheduled for 10/06/16 at 11:00 AM at the purchasing department.

10/25/16 – Bids received, opened, and qualified. TE drafts contract and is at the prosecutors office for review and comments.

01/25/17 – Debra Kuempel was awarded the contract. Shop Drawings were submitted and have all been returned. DK began construction on 01/17/17 and next const meeting is 1/31/17.

02/22/17 – Work is proceeding on the project. The new NVRs, Kollectors (encoders), and Matrix Computers are installed in new rack and are running (burn in period). Comtec scheduled to be on site for change over to new system beginning week of March 20, 2017.

03/22/17 – Work continues to progress on the project. Com-tec on site programming the PLCs and installing 4 work station in the second floor control room. Spare DVR (DVR4) installed and running as Archive DVR.

04/26/17 – Project nearing completion. All work on original bid complete, and DK indicated that the the changes (allowance usages) will be completed approx end of first week or two of May. DK was told to deliver close out docs and as-builts to ThermalTech. POE pricing to be determined, possibly paid through the allowance.

05/22/17 – ThermalTech completed Punchlist on 05/23/17. There are minor issues to complete project, and (4) additional cameras being priced by DK in the intake area of the building that has no camera coverage at this time.

06/27/17 – DK Completed punchlist and email to John Nester and ThermalTech. A few final glitches in the system to get worked out and project closeout pending closeout documents from DK.

07/25/17 – DK and Vicon conducted training on the system on 07/18. TEI received final pricing for allowances, and authored Change Order #1 (deduct change order) or unused portion of allowance. TEI delivers Training videos to Hamilton County Facilities.

08/28/17 – Project complete, pending final closeout documentation from DK.