06/16/20 – Requested a SOSS for an Assessment of Facilities roof access (tie off and OSHA safety).
06/18/20 – County publish list of buildings to be included in the assessment.
06/25/20 – THP contacted LJB to provide anchor consulting support. THP plans to visit and catalog the roofs conditions next week for the SOSS.
07/14/20 – THP, LJB, and County surveyed downtown building roof to understand general conditions and needs of the County
07/28/20 – THP & LJB had a final scope meeting.
07/30/20 – LJB plans to provide a proposal to THP on 7/31. THP plans to submit final proposal early August.
08/11/20 – THP submitted SOSS to the County.
08/26/20 – Project placed on hold.
11/30/20 – THP received SOSS and PO for project.