01/10/07 – This project is complete and archived on 01/10/07

08/18/06 – Drawings have been delivered to Hamilton County Facilities. There are no open issues on this project.

06/14/06 – Close-out meeting; no open issues. All work by Queen City has been completed. I will be working on getting the drawings completed within the next several weeks and send (3) full sized sets to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Mike Florimonte). Queen City presented (2) binders, each with copies of the old and new panel schedules. On the new panel schedules the items listed in bold have been verified; the items listed in normal type are transferred over from the old schedules. The binder also includes diagrams of the MCC’s and Switchgear. A CD was also provided which contains all of the new panel schedules in Excel format.

11/15/05 – Contracts have been submitted.