04/22/05 – TTC faxed over a letter stating the deficiencies of Application # 01 on this project. All final paperwork is missing.

03/25/05 – TTC completed punchlist on job. There are no items to fix. Geiler submitted final pay application without any final paperwork. TE will ask for closeout documents.

02/25/05 – TTC asked Geiler for update and if they are ready for TE to punchlist this project.

02/11/05 – TTC talked to MF today. Geiler has the piping complete. The insulation is on the piping now. TTC will perform the punchlist next week on Monday or Tuesday.

02/08/05 – TTC visited the site today with Geiler and MF. Geiler should be wrapping up by end of week. Systems are online. Insulation needs to be completed. Geiler is in cleanup stages of piping work. TE to do punchlist within a week. Valve, steam and humidity control appear to be working.

02/02/05 – TE talked to Geiler today. They will be off the job for a couple of days. They have to soak some unions they are having trouble disassembling for re-use. They will be back next Monday for sure if not earlier (I think Bob wants to stop down to soak the unions tomorrow). Elevator and space access issues have been resolved. We were original trying to finish by 02/07 but I believe it will be at least 02/14 before the changes are complete.

02/01/05 – Geiler has started the project during the evening schedule. TE to follow up the MF this week for progress.

01/26/05 – Geiler delivered tools and piping, but wont’ start project until Monday 01/31/05.

01/25/05 – TE and Mike F. walked the project with Bob Burlege of Geiler. We feel as though they won’t be able to start the project unit Wednesday per Bob’s comments but it could be later than that. We are planning on shutting down the steam once in the evening to weld the thread-o-lets on to each header. Then add an isolation valve to shutdown each header and work on each side independently, keeping the building without humidification to a minimum. The pipe machine will be setup on the dock. Piping will be hauled in the elevator. The 230 staff will stay with Geiler the first night to ensure the boiler plant and steam come back online properly. MF will show Geiler how to shutdown and lockout/tagout the AHU’s when working. 120V welder must be used.

01/17/05 – Submittals received by TE. Walk through scheduled for Jan 24, 3:30 p.m. provided that TE approve the control valve submittals.

01/11/05 – Pre Construction Mtg Complete. Geiler projects this to be a 2 week job maximum. They will begin work and stay on site to complete work throughout the project. Pre Construction Notes added below.

09/29/04 – Original Bid Documents have arrived and TE sent to County via UPS on 09/29/04 for approval.

09/23/04 – TE contacted contractor and we are awaiting original bid documents to submit with final contract (3 copies).

09/20/04 – Contract written. Awaiting for TTC to approve and deliver.

09/13/04 – Bids are compiled. Geiler is low bidder. County please advise how to proceed.