03/14/06 – Bill Scholl and Mike Florimonte have both reported that the systems are working great and permits have been approved. This project is being archived at the end of this week.

01/10/06 – HVAC has work above Julie area’s almost complete. They have scheduled an HVAC inspection with Steve Ossege in the coming days. Exhaust was hard to get routed but they are almost complete.

12/28/05 – The microfiche permit was picked up and emailed down to the County approved for use. TE paid and will reimburse the cost to the County.

12/14/05 – TTC setup a meeting for THP to review the space ceiling construction to approve the ductwork hanging method on this job for 12/15. Aaron Bennett will be contacting Mike Florimonte for access to the building. MF reported that the piping, boxes and louvers are nearly installed so far.

12/09/05 – TTC applied for the permit today at the City. The permit number is 2005P09839. It cost $75 to the application fee today and the remainder will be paid when we pick up the permit. All of this cost is a reimbursable cost to the owner on this project for this work.12/02/05 – County trades can’t put the ductwork in as designed on the plans. MF is going to inspect the above ceiling layout and call TTC with details. TTC will stop by the building and give direction as to the best way to proceed to finish the job. TTC informed Tony of the plan. Terry contacted THP by email to verify ductwork loading won’t overstress the ceiling arrangement.

12/05/05 – Terry meet HVAC trades on site to discuss ductwork routing and relocating light fixtures on this job. It was decided the best and easiest way to fit the ductwork into the room was to rotate the lights 90 degrees and remove the remaining light that is interfering with the light fixture. Carpenters will have to do some ceiling work to patch and paint the areas that are affected by the ductwork and fan supports.

11/29/05 – HVAC called with questions about moving the VAV box in Julie’s office because it was interfering with new ductwork. TE said this was fine. HVAC called with a question about framing the fire dampers in one big angle frame and TTC said this was fine also. In email correspondences today, we believe all issues are up to date and the work in on track.

11/21/05 – TE and the County met at the site to discuss Sam’s HVAC design and coordinate with the tenant and trades for making this work out. Everyone was in agreement that if we could bring both ducts into one corner and just create a matching column in Linda’s office that would be fine. The people in attendance were Mark Perry, Tony Matre, TTC, SRB, MS, Dave S, Bill S, Jim E, Ernie, Mike F, Paul and Jerry.

11/16/05 – TTC and Tony discussed the bidding out of this project and the method in which the money and trades would do the work on this project. Wayne would like more controls11/15/05 – Review drawings were sent to the County today. TE would like to get comments back about this job as the County’s convenience.

11/10/05 – Wayne called and said that the draft design is OK and to proceed with a permit set of drawings, so trades can do the work. He will also contact TE when he has set up a Archibus job number, so we can enter a cost estimate.

11/10/05 – Wayne called and said that he would like trades to do the work. He said that he would check with Mike Florimonte to see if draft design is OK. After final client approval, TE will then put together a drawing set for trades.

11/04/05 – TE sent Mike Florimonte a draft of the HVAC layout to see if Manager of that area is OK with design. Design included exposed ductwork in the Vault to avoid redoing the ceiling, to allow for concealed ductwork.

11/02/05 – TE is putting final design together. Sam and Mike will be making a field trip down to the building on Friday to set routing and check clearances.

10/13/05 – TE and CR met with the client to finalize building and design standards for this project. CR has to submit an SOSS. The equipment will be in the building in about 2 months for this job. TE must do the design immediately for bidding.

08/30/05 – TTC received installation manual from vendor in San Diego. TTC sent pdf to County for their use. Heat and Electrical requirements were provided by vendor. TTC got many other calls from salesmen at Anacomp who because ThermalTech was inquiring believe they were somehow being left out of the purchase loop of the equipment. TTC assured them that the County is in control of purchasing the unit and ThermalTech was only designing the room that the equipment when and if purchased would reside in.

08/25/05 – TTC contacted manufacturer today to collect engineering information on unit for installation including btuh rejection, power req’s, exhaust req’s and mfgr’s installation instructions. I had to leave a message with their main office.

08/22/05 – MF called to say that after talking with some people, the belief is that the vault walls are reinforced concrete and not just metal stud walls. TTC and MF talked about airflows in the room and the floor and TTC believes that the design should most likely be to add one separate VAV box for the microfiche machine and exhaust the entire room. The machine should most likely go into the vault area where the room can be separated from the general airflow of the space.

08/19/05 – TA & TTC met Tony on site for field work.