05/22/15 – Bert Watts requested a new SOSS be issued for the Construction Administration portion of this project.
05/26/15 – SOSS submitted in person to Bert Watts.
06/15/15 – GBBN submits the Building and Mechanical Permits to the City of Cincinnati.
07/10/15 – PDO send along a staffing schedule showing phasing and staff involved with each phase move.
07/13/15 – PDO indicates they need the 3rd Floor Media Room until August 5th. GBBN distributes information to team. John Nester and KFI meet with the building manager to discuss demolition debris removal from the building.
07/14/15 – GBBN receives letter from the City of Cincinnati requesting additional information for building permit.
07/16/15 – GBBN sends response letter back to the City of Cincinnati with additional requested information.
07/16/15 – TEI sends VAV submittal back to GBBN with concerns about the manufacturer of the VAV boxes not matching the existing. Heights above the existing ceiling could be an issue.
07/17/15 – GBBN returns approved OKI Wall and Ceiling Submittals. Ceiling tile, to match existing, is a deduct credit to be handled on the first change order.
07/21/15 – GBBN receives carpet samples from KFI.
07/23/15 – GBBN returns approved carpet submittal to KFI. GBBN sends request to KFI for change order request to order Knoll wall cleats for systems furniture that are no longer available on State Contract. KFI pricing is approved for ordering.
07/24/15 – Signage Submittal received by GBBN. GBBN has requested from PDO a complete list of staff names for the sign inserts.
07/25/15 – GBBN received Door Submittals. GBBN requested information from KFI on millwork shelf for Dutch Door gap between leaves.
07/27/15 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at PDO Media Room.
07/28/15 – GBBN receives requested detail on millwork shelf for Dutch Door. Approved submittals are returned to KFI the same day.
07/29/15 – Pre-Construction Meeting Minutes distributed to attendees via email. TTC provided Energy Impact Study to Bert for project. Titus VAV and Air Device submittals received marked up and returned to vendor as FAC.
08/06/15 – GBBN issues Construction Change Directive #1 to KFI for VAV and other submittal changes.
08/07/15 – GBBN is notified the Building Permit is ready for payment and pick-up. GBBN notifies KFI and Owner.
08/11/15 – GBBN returns Casework Submittals to KFI indicated as “Revise and Resubmit”. Addendum changes to millwork scope are missing from submittal.
08/11/15 – GBBN authorizes door hardware vendor to reduce heavy-duty hardware requirements from standard Office doors to match existing conditions in building.
08/12/15 – GBBN responds to RFI for additional Office dimensions.
08/14/15 – TEI issues RFI response to return air source for Office #23, Room #03188.
08/14/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.
08/18/15 – TEI issues Change Directive for I/T upgrades to 1 gigabyte system.

08/19/15 – GBBN issues Construction Change Directive #2 to KFI for changes to Office 03153 north wall.

08/20/15 – TEI issues RFI response for 1″ to 3/4″ VAV water supply piping change.

08/21/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

08/24/15 – GBBN visits Hathaway Warehouse to inspect carpet tile delivery. Delivery approved for billing on next Application for Payment.

08/24/15 – TEI returns HVAC Controls Submittals to GBBN. GBBN forwards to KFI the same day.

08/25/15 – TEI received, reviewed and returned Fire Alarm drawings and submittals for the project to GBBN.

08/25/15 – GBBN returned casework resubmittals to KFI marked “Furnish As Corrected”

08/26/15 – Emcor resubmitted HVAC controls submittals updated to TEI marks and TEI re-approved them in an email back to KFI and GBBN.

08/28/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

08/28/15- Wood flush door submittal returned “No Exceptions”.

09/04/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

09/08/15 – GBBN finalized signage details with CPS.

09/09/15 – Mitch Penick distributes list of Second and Third Floor Cable drops to be installed.

09/11/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

09/16/15 – GBBN visits CPS for validation of signage completion for inclusion onto Application for Payment.

09/17/15 – TEI returns Fire Protection Submittals to GBBN. GBBN forwards to KFI.

09/18/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor. GBBN approves pencil copy of Application for Payment #1.

09/22/15 – GBBN receives Change Directive pricing from KFI on new blinds, wall mount channels and finalized 1 GB I-T system upgrades.

09/25/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

09/29/15 – GBBN issues Change Order #001 to KFI for signatures.

09/30/15 – GBBN makes site visit to TPC for verification of acoustic wallcoverings for billing. GBBN approves Application for Payment #1.

10/02/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

10/05/15 – GBBN receives change order request from KFI for Receptionist glass type change.

10/09/15 – GBBN attends Construction Meeting. GBBN approves Application for Payment #2.

10/16/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

10/13/15 – KFI sends pricing document for ASI-1.

10/21/15 – GBBN receives call from PDO about making proposed changes for Drug Felony Court staff on Second Floor Lobby.

10/22/15 – TEI sends electrical and mechanical proposed changes to Drug Felong Court Offices to GBBN.

10/23/15 – Construction Meeting held at 230 WHT, Second Floor.

10/26/15 – Facilities responds to KFI that only the second floor restroom ceilings need to be painted.

10/27/15 – GBBN delivers and submits the Engineering Change for the Drug Felony Court Offices to the City of Cincinnati. The processing fee of $46 was paid.

10/28/15 – GBBN issues Change Directive #3 to KFI for the Felony Drug Court Office Changes.

10/28/15 – John inquired about thermostat style. Emcor has been contacted.

10/30/15 – GBBN issues Change Directive #3 to KFI.

11/06/15 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on Third Floor before meeting.

11/09/15 – GBBN approves Application for Payment #3 and delivers to Bert Watts.

11/12/15 – GBBN submits Engineering Change to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

11/13/15 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on Third floor.

11/18/15 – GBBN issues Change Directive #4 to KFI.

11/20/15 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on Second Floor.

11/27/15 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on Second and Third Floors.

12/04/15 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on second floor. Owner requested more office furniture changes. GBBN approves Application for Payment #4 and delivers final copies to Owner. Keying meeting held with Acme Lock.

12/08/15 – Project is progressing very nicely. ThermalTech collected pricing on changing out the VAV box valves from Triton and sent to Spencer and County. No call from the fire protection vendor about replacing the existing fittings – I am not sure this was done.

12/21/15 – GBBN receives extension of SOSS for additional construction administration.

01/05/16 – GBBN authors and delivers Construction Change Directive #5 to KFI.

01/06/16 – IPM forwards change order pricing from Planes Commercial Services for Owner requested changes for furniture relocation changes.

01/08/16 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on second floor.

01/10/16 – KFI meets with Building Department Inspector to discuss and attain approval for request to move Second Floor, West Office walls one foot to the east. Inspector approves change request but insists on Engineering Change be submitted to City.

01/11/16 – The owner approves request to move Second Floor, West Office walls one foot to the east.

01/11/16 – TEI and GBBN resolve issue with Triton over incorrect VAV intake air duct sizes. Inspector noticed a 8″ verses 10″ duct installation on the second floor. Triton to replace incorrect 8″ ducts with the correct 10″ sizes.

01/12/16 – GBBN issues Change Order #002 to KFI. GBBN approves, signs and delivers Application for Payment #5.

01/15/16 – Design Team attends construction meeting. Walk-through performed on Second and Third Floors.

01/17/16 – GBBN issues Change Directive #006 to KFI.

01/18/16 – Change Order work for rusted sprinkler lines was not performed due to failure of materials to be delivered onsite.

01/21/16 – IPM issues change order request for changing of Resource Room work surfaces per owner’s request.

01/22/16 – GBBN issues request to Contemporary Plastics, Inc for additional signage along with clarified artwork file and suggested layout drawing at 3rd Floor Receptionist area.

01/22/16 – GBBN attends weekly construction meeting. Approves Application for Payment #6.

01/24/16 – KFI forwards to GBBN the pricing documents for additional owner requested furniture relocation changes.

01/25/16 – ThermalTech discusses MEP issued with Emcor and Triton about balancing and controls. Triton is checking on leaks in third floor and cold calls for us and will open all balance vales. TTC inquired about other changes to existing systems.

01/26/16 – GBBN applies for Engineering Change #2 with the City of Cincinnati Building Department. PDO request made to County Sheriff’s Department for additional panic buttons. Trilogy lock has been programmed by the County Trades Department and security closure problem is solved.

01/28/16 – GBBN paid for and picked up the approval for Engineering Change #2. Final set of approved documents delivered to KFI at weekly meeting on Friday.

02/16/16 – GBBN authors and distributes Construction Change Directive #7.

02/18/16 – GBBN authorizes Contemporary Plastics to execute large additional sign for 2nd Floor Receptionist. Resends digital files.

02/18/16 – TEI issues Electrical Punch List to GBBN.

02/19/16 – GBBN directs contractor to ignore CCD#7 due to additional owner directed changes. GBBN to revise and resend.

02/19/16 – PDO sends directive for relocation of proposed millwork at Admissions scanner location.

02/19/16 – Facilities approves authorization for contractor to make revisions to Admissions Counters and L-shape scanner counter at Receptionist.

02/22/16 – Owner sends Excel File for names to be printed on sign inserts.

02/23/16 – TEI completes electrical punchlist visit and sends the report to GBBN. Per previous conversations, GBBN to collect all of the punch lists from all trades and the owner, and issue at once.

02/23/16 – Owner sends revisions to GBBN on sign insert name list.

02/24/16 – Owner directs contractor to clean existing wallcovering at Media Room in lieu of replacement.

03/03/16 – Facilities sends PDO Punch List to GBBN for inclusion into overall punch list.

03/07/16 – TEI sends itemized change orders from HVAC contractor to GBBN and Facilities.

03/09/16 – GBBN releases copy of Change Order #3 for comments. County and ThermalTech provide comments.

03/09/16 – KFI sends updated Cincy Electric Change Order #3 pricing to GBBN.

03/10/16 – KFI responds with correction recommendations to GBBN Change Order #3 comments.

03/11/16 – County Facilities requested new SOSS to capture As-Built Documents and IFM Data input for record drawings.

03/15/16 – GBBN contacts KFI about painting chipping issue on second floor.

03/21/16 – Facilities agrees to have another change order, #4, to capture any additional items including the additional signage.

03/21/16 – Planes responds to request for modesty panel installation dates to be on site.

03/22/16 – TTC released Mechanical Punchlist Rev 2 to contractors.

03/23/16 – GBBN meets with Contemporary plastics for Large 2nd Floor Reception sign installation. 2nd Floor Signs are to be installed and the inserts, for both floors, are given to PDO for installation. 26 additional signs are requested by PDO via change order.

03/28/16 – TTC discusses status of Mechanical Punchlist Rev 2 with Doug Emery of Triton who reports that the balancer and recommissioning agent were never given authorization to perform the Alternate work. This has been rectified and they will be on site to do this work soon. TTC instructed the contractor to coordinate this work with Ernie Hedricks and make sure he was present for all of this work.

04/11/16 – GBBN forwards full punchlist to KFI.

04/12/16 – GBBN adds the repair and repainting of the northwest stair (material routing) to the punchlist for KFI.

04/14/16 – GBBN authors the preliminary Change Order #3 reflecting pricing that is still missing. KFI requests meeting of all interested parties to discuss change orders.

04/18/16 – Hamilton County indicates they need not be present in the meeting to discuss the change orders.

04/21/16 – Hamilton County sends list to Planes for items, currently stored off-site, to be returned to the building.

04/22/16 – Planes responds to request with proposed schedule for item return.

04/26/16 – KFI indicates all subcontractors have been contacted by KFI for submittal of all remaining change order items and pricing.

04/26/16 – KFI requests on site meeting with GBBN to discuss locations of acoustic wallcovering in the second floor Admissions area. Meeting scheduled for 04/27/16.

04/27/16 – TEI discusses with HamCo Data/Comm department (Mitch) the punchlist items that Tele/Comm has for the project and issues punchlist to GBBN.

04/27/16 – GBBN forwards Tele/Com Punchlist to KFI.

05/23/16 – GBBN requests final back-up from KFI for Change Order #3 and status of Punch List completion.

05/25/16 – KFI sends final back-up for final change order paperwork. KFI indicates punch list work should be completed by end of this week.

06/03/16 – GBBN authors, and mails, Change Order #003 to KFI.

06/14/16 – The final executed Change Order #003 copy is received by GBBN.

06/27/16 – GBBN receives the final copies of Application for Payment #8 from KFI.

06/30/16- GBBN approves Application for Payment #8 and delivers to Facilities Department.

12/29/16 – Project archived by TTC.