Project Lead: GBBN

02/29/16 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities for approval.

04/08/16 – GBBN sends as-built drawings to Facilities for review.

04/12/16 – Facilities sends approved SOSS to GBBN.

04/15/16 – Facilities indicates the as-builts need to be slightly revised for website access and manipulation. More information to follow.

04/26/16 – KFI requests meeting to discuss locations of acoustical wallcovering to be installed in Second Floor Admissions Suite.

05/13/16 – Planes reports that final modesty panels have been installed, related to their scope of work.

05/18/16 – Bert Watts forwards email with additional directives and answers to GBBN questions related to as-built and IFM input.

05/25/16 – ThermalTech done with mechanical and electrical as-builts. We are moving on to fire protection and plumbing. Ryan working directly with TJ on electronic cad files.

05/23/16 – GBBN requests final back-up from KFI for Change Order #3 and status of Punch List completion.

05/25/16 – KFI sends final back-up for final change order paperwork. KFI indicates punch list work should be completed by end of this week.

06/03/16 – Facilities Department requests scheduling dates and times for final punch list work.

06/24/16 – KFI reports the final Triton change order work will be scheduled for 7/9 and 7/16.

06/22/16 – GBBN completes As-built electronic drawings and uploading to the County IFM/WebCentral database.

06/26/16 – TEI requests Triton coordinate with KFI for warranty’s start dates related to change order work completion.

06/27/16 – GBBN sends copies of all final Punch Lists, from all disciplines and PDO, to Facilities for their records.

07/06/16 – KFI confirms stairwell change order work to be completed by the end of the week.

07/11/16 – TEI informs the team that the change order work scheduled over the weekend was not completed due to existing restrictions.

07/13/16 – John Nester confirms Triton shipment of Terminator Strainers by the end of the day.

07/18/16 – ThermalTech sent revised As-Built CAFM drawings to TJ at GBBN for reprocessing.

07/21/16 – TEI indicates Triton has confirmed the change order scope with their intentions.

07/25/16 – John Nester confirms Triton did not arrive on site for Mechanical Change Order work. Also work to repair material delivery damage in the northwest stairwell was not completed as originally scheduled.

07/26/16 – John Nester communicated the new dates for Triton to perform the change order work will be 8/2/16, 8/4/16 and 8/6/16.

07/27/16 – ThermalTech has Triton has O&M’s under review and has requested new equipment cuts.

08/08/16 – Triton reported today that all the change order work on the valves and unions is complete. They will be back to finish up the diffusers and thermostat after they coordinate with Josh.

08/22/16 – TTC stopped by and performed another back punchlist on the Terminator valves which were found to be complete and spot checked. A couple of other items were emailed to the contractors for changes and the t-stat and Admissions office diffusers were not done. ThermalTech sent email to project team outlining the findings.

08/23/16 – KFI was contacted to confirm that all suspended acoustic tile was used in the construction project. TEI reported a rear hallway has a section of existing suspended acoustic tile sagging and required corrective work. Facilities reported back that Trades has been issued a work order to repair the ceilings due to a potential safety issue.

08/25/16 – Bert asked for us to push for all closeout documents for this job. TTC emailed Triton for new warranty letter for new parts, the rest of the Triton O&M look good.

09/07/16 – GBBN receives pencil copy of Application for Payment #9 from KFI. Facilities approves payment with amount of retainage remaining on application.

09/09/16 – GBBN Signs and Delivers Application for Payment #9 to Facilities.

09/16/16 – GBBN receives executed copy of Application for Payment #9 from Facilities.

09/28/16 – ThermalTech is waiting on O&M’s Cincinnati Electrical Services. Bert request all final bills from all partners and contractors by end of October.

10/18/16 – KFI delivers record set of drawings from City of Cincinnati and three sets of O&M binders to GBBN. GBBN’s In4 Group meets with Facilities to discuss as-built drawing uploading logistics.

10/21/16 – KFI delivers via mail the Close out AIA documents to and red line as-built drawings to GBBN.

10/24/16 – GBBN delivers As-Built Drawings, Record Drawings, AIA Close out Documents and Application for Payment #10 (Final) to Facilities.

10/24/16 – GBBN delivers electronic updated MEP xref as-built drawings to Facilities.

10/27/16 – TTC will hand deliver some additional warranty paperwork from Triton to John Nester for Terminator Valves.

03/21/17 – GBBN confirmed to Facilities all three SOSS projects related to this project have been 100% completed, invoiced and paid.