Project Lead: GBBN

08/14/13 – Kick-off Telephone Meeting with Diana Supe of the Facilities Department to request the SOSS (F092). Clarifications made on scope in follow-up emails.

08/14/13 – SOSS hours solicited from Interior Project Management and ThermalTech. TEI indicated three separate prime contracts required for the bidding process.

08/15/13 – Diana Supe confirms contract authoring will not be required.

08/16/13 – GBBN submits SOSS to Bert Watts for processing.

08/19/13 – GBBN submits SOSS consultant scope and hour break downs to Bert Watts.

08/28/13 – Kick-off meeting with Public Defenders Office and Facilities Department.

02/25/14 – IPM was contacted by the Public Defenders Office to estimate the move costs of only the staff (Juvenile from 230 WHT and Guardian Ad Litem from 800 Broadway) to the 125 Court Street Facility.

02/26/14 – At the Master Plan Meeting this afternoon Ralph Linne indicated this project is still on hold.

06/26/14 – Project still on hold.

08/26/14 – Project CIP set for start in first quarter 2015.

02/20/15 – GBBN forwards updated SOSS to Bert Watts. SOSS renumbered (F001) for new Architectural Partnership.

03/13/15 – GBBN gets confirmation from Ralph Linne project will be approved soon.

03/20/15 – GBBN, TEI, IPM and Facilities meet with Public Defenders staff to kick-off project. Design of upgrades starting immediately.

03/25/15 – GGBN receives call from Jack Herbert establishing programming meeting to review staffing locations and changes to scope for Friday 03/27/15 at 8:30 am.

03/25/15 – Telecom will assist with coordination on I/T but contractors and associated rates are to be used for estimating.

04/14/15 – ThermalTech on site to conduct MEP fieldwork with GBBN working on RCP for updated background drawings.

04/22/15 – 50% Review drawings sent by ThermalTech to GBBN for Thursday Meeting.

04/23/15 – GBBN held 50% review with client. HVAC zoning was approved. Electrical comments including removing an abundance of convenience outlets on the walls. Small modifications are required to the 2nd Floor Receptionist/Admissions area and Third Floor Conference/Storage area

04/28/15 – GBBN meets with client to review and receive approval for modifications required to floor plan

04/29/15 – Design Team to meet to discuss Phasing and Reflected Ceiling Plan coordination between Architecture and MEP discipline scope.

04/30/15 – During PM meeting we discussed how to handle the room number changes at 230. When room numbers change, how do we want to handle this in the renovation? Bert says that once a number is created it can never be removed because records were assigned in the past. Don’t update the exit signs, discussed the relock lighting system and reusing it. State term contract is okay for buying new furniture but 2nd and 3rd floor have different systems. MB asked about putting in receptacles in all 4 walls and BW said that if PDO is okay with not having convenience on every wall of the new offices, Bert said get this in writing. Carpet tile discussion came up, PDO asked for a color scheme that is not in the carpet tile selection, BW asked if we can get Broadloom pattern in carpet tile. PDO would like to match the 125 color and carpet schemes. Fire Protection work would be best to be done after hours. If the system is down for more than 8 hours, Facilities have to notify Risk Management. If night work is done, the contractor has to hire an evening security guard for the work or use the County private security services.

05/13/15 – 90% Final Review Sets delivered to the PDO and reviewed prior to final bidding. Final comments to be ready for final bid documents by 5/18/15.

05/19/15 – Project Issued for Bid. Prebid scheduled for 5/28/15 at 2:30pm at the building.

05/28/15 – Pre-Bid Meeting to be held at 2:30 pm in the Third Floor Media Room.

06/11/15 – Bids accepted at Purchasing Department. Six bids were received.

06/11/15 – GBBN interviews apparent low bidder, Kramer and Feldman Inc. All appearances are that bid is responsive and KFI will hold their bid. GBBN recommends to Hamilton County that KFI bid is to be accepted.

06/12/15 – Hamilton County accepts GBBN recommendation and authorizes GBBN to author contract for KFI, accepting all Alternate Bids but without any additional allowances added to contract.

06/15/15 – GBBN files Building Permit Application with City of Cincinnati.

06/16/15 – Facilities department requests GBBN make requested modifications, from Prosecuting Attorneys office, to KFI contract. GBBN makes modifications and delivers to Facilities.

06/24/15 – Bert sent out signed contract for KFI today. Contract date established at 6/24/2015. The accompanying Purchase Order was also sent.