by Champlin Champlin

10/03/19 – Project request made Scott Weikel for glass security panels to be installed at public counters on the 9th and 10th floor of the Taft Building.

11/01/19 – Champlin scheduled for field visit to verify locations and dimensions of work area.

11/18/19 – Cost estimate uploaded to Archibus.  SD drawings sent to County.

05/20/20 – Meeting at Taft center to discuss scope.  Attended by Sam and Mike from Champlin, Rycca, Jessica, and Bryan from County and Scott from the Taft center.

06/03/20 – additional site visit to verify existing conditions

06/03/20 – Meeting at Taft Center to choose product. Attended by Sam, Mike, and Jose from Champlin. Rycca and Bryan from County and Scott from the Taft Center.

07/02/20 – Draft of ITB sent to County for approval

07/27/20 – final copy of ITB and Plans approved. Prebid meeting set for 08/03/20 at 10 am

08/20/20 – Bids received and apparent low is James Hunt Construction.

09/03/20 – Contract signed by Hunt

09/14/20 – Submittal returned to Hunt

10/29/20 – Construction planned for the weekend of 11/21. Punchlist to be scheduled monday 11/23.

11/21/20 – Project ran into complications. New date of install is the weekend of 12/19-20. Punchlist to follow.