10/07/04 – TE has received all final paperwork and a phone conversation record from Harry showing the approval of the allowance for the elevator extra work and it was indeed over $3000 but I told him we wouldn’t pay more than the $3000 and he agreed to assume the overage cost out of his profits. TK also rerouted some hydraulic lines at no cost to the County to facilitate future work on the hydraulic pump in the elevator equipment room. All the final paperwork is coming to you on Friday, October 8.

10/04/04 – We are currently trying to track down documentation that shows the TE approved the $3000 usage for pumping out the pit during the hyd elev pit during the construction. We actually also need an AIA invoice form for final payment.

10/01/04 – TK is dropping off final paperwork to at TE. We will process them and get the down the County ASAP.

09/21/04 – TK checked back in and is compiling the paperwork for this job. They confirmed what all was needed and TE gave the the list of documents. We expect completion in within a week.

09/20/04 – TTC checked back with Harry to see about final billing – Left message, email and voicemail.

09/03/04 – Contacted TK by email and urged completion.

We are awaiting final paperwork to finish this project from Thyssen-Krupp.

Elevator project is complete and new elevator is up and running.