01/22/20 – TEI fieldwork visit and researching equipment options.
01/30/20 – SOSS submitted and original fieldwork completed.
02/24/20 – SOSS submitted awaiting approvals.
03/23/20 – Project ready for review. TTC will send to county for review. New booster pump is 100% redundant but new pumps are 5HP. Barth confirmed conduit and feeders still sized properly for new loads.
04/16/20 – Bids received from Peck, Geiler, Triton and Debra. TEI tabulated and sent to the County for decision.
04/28/20 – TTC released bid tab to bidders. Did not tell bidders who the winning bidder is.
04/30/20 – PO in for approval with County, looking at weekend work for this job.
05/27/20 – Project in for approval with the County for weekend work with PHB as the apparent low bidder.
06/24/20 – PHB sent the submittals in on the project. ThermalTech reviewed and sent back to the vendor including limited comments from the County. PHB working on background checks with BC who is helping get them onsite to the work ASAP. Unfortunately, the lead time on the pump package is 5 weeks at this time because we missed the “on shelf” package they had waiting for us. The hope is to get this installed ASAP.
07/24/20 – PHB has scheduled the pump replacement on August 8 with the backup date of August 9. They have not however received their PO and Contract yet. TEI check with Facilities and it is in place and Tony will send it. PHB will install the pumps and get them working on the weekend BAS interface and local alarms will be picked up the next week by Peck.
08/26/20 – Peck performed the work over the 8/8 weekend. The new booster pump is working and online. TEI issued Punchlist for the project to PHB with remaining work items. Payapp #1 was submitted and approved. Final payapp was submitted but held for closeout documents.
09/16/20 – TTE on-site performing Records Drawing check. Some piping needs to be changed on Record Drawing and CAFM drawing.
09/18/20 – OM’s delivered. Punchlist work complete. TTE to approve the final invoice and send in the final paperwork. Project ready to archive.
10/28/20 – TTC checked in with PHB to ensure all payments have been made and project can be closed.