01/22/20 – TEI fieldwork visit and researching equipment options.
01/30/20 – SOSS submitted and original fieldwork completed.
02/24/20 – SOSS submitted awaiting approvals.
03/23/20 – Project ready for review. TTC will send to county for review. New booster pump is 100% redundant but new pumps are 5HP. Barth confirmed conduit and feeders still sized properly for new loads.
04/16/20 – Bids received from Peck, Geiler, Triton and Debra. TEI tabulated and sent to the County for decision.
04/28/20 – TTC released bid tab to bidders. Did not tell bidders who the winning bidder is.
04/30/20 – PO in for approval with County, looking at weekend work for this job.