by Champlin Champlin

08/20/20 – SOSS signed and returned. Champlin notified ThermalTech. Working to schedule field work.
08/27/20 – Champlin sent several floor plans for review and asked about electrical impact. Barth responded that it is really pretty much the same electric scope except one layout requires an additional power pole and data jack which is not a big deal.
09/08/20 – CA site visit to see existing conditions
09/23/20 – CA SD drawings and estimate uploaded to Archibus
10/22/20 – Drawings updated to reflect scope change
10/29/20 – RCF pricing in process with the inclusion of prevailing wage.
11/23/20 – Haworth unable to meet furniture delivery deadline due to covid. Haworth sent a letter to explain the issue for Cares Act Funding. Furniture to be delivered early January
12/01/20 – Drawings submitted to IBI for Plan review.
12/10/20 – IBI and permitting in place. County can start work.