07/31/08 – Bert reported that the project is finished and final paperwork has been received. Final payment is approved to the contractor.

Broken camera has been fixed. Contractor is awaiting final payment.

07/30/08 – Project is complete. County has all final paperwork.

05/16/08 – Bert sent back changer order and payapp #3 signed by County.

05/02/08 – Stapleton has submitted all final paperwork and sent back a signed change order on this project. TEI has reviewed and approved all closeout documents on this project. They are being UPS to Bert Watts for closeout on this project. The change order has to be signed by the owner and copies sent back to TEI and Stapleton for our records.

03/06/08 – Stapleton and Copp have reached substantial completion. The translator has been installed. Remaining items on the job include: our punchlist (early next week), training for the county, programming at the sheriff’s office, Copp is going to replace one camera that is acting up.

02/08/08 – Stapleton sent the change order cost to TEI for the translator and TEI passed it along to Bert Watts for approval on this project. TEI updated the website with current CO and Allowance costs.

01/23/08 – TTC requested a const meeting for this project this Thursday or Friday.

01/22/08 – MAH met with Dick (Stapleton) and Paul (Copp) about the mounting of the exterior cameras. Copp will supply (3) corner mount brackets for $267 allowance. Stapleton will install camera mounts when they arrive (should arrive 1/23). Also discussed was the data port being included on same plate as existing phone jack in lobby, lobby camera location (NE corner and viewing doors), and location of exterior camera at rear entrance door (will be mounted on adjacent wall approximately 24″ above window to avoid washout from wallpack light fixture).

12/14/07 – Stapleton discovered that the holes in the pole bases are only 2-1/2″ and will not accommodate (3) 1″ conduits as the design calls for. Stapleton requests a $500 change order to install junction boxes in the pole bases to solve this problem. TEI agrees with this solution and the change order amount.

12/12/07 – MAH clarified for Stapleton that the control signal for the PTZ cameras was sent over the coax video cable so no additional control wiring is necessary. Also, siamese RG-59 wire with 18AWG power is acceptable for all interior and building mounted cameras. A separate coax and #12AWG power pair is required for the pole mounted cameras that is wet/direct sunlight rated. Copp Systems submittals are approved and should be sent back 12/13/07.

12/04/07 – Const Mtg #2 was held today and TEI distributed meeting minutes. Stapleton will be staring site work this Friday. Ken Edgell will advise the tenants of the 250 WHT building. Stapleton will be boring the light pole bases and conduit routes this weekend. TEI, Ken and Stapleton pick light pole locations in the field for this work.

11/29/07 – The pre construction meeting was held last week. GM typed up the meeting notes. Stapleton called with questions about submittals, dwgs and const mtg time. TEI setup another const mtg for next week with the owner and facilities. We will discuss the RFI’s about the lamp bases and base diameter. Bert sent out the list of approved employees for this project today which included Barnett, Ronald J., Eckart, Carl, Hammitt, Wayne, Leopald, Mike, Leopold, Douglas A., Stevens, Brian K. Terry Cannon emailed Stapleton to ask about Copp system background checks. Mike Huntwork approved all submittals with No Exceptions noted.

10/03/07 – TTC sent the contract for Stapleton to Bert today via City Dash with an allowance of $2500 added to the project. If acceptable, the County can begin the contract process. Stapleton won the bid with a bid of $90,586.00 + $2500 in allowance money. Our electrical plan review was approved on 09/11/2207 with an application # of CIC0703025. The contractor will now have to pay and pick this permit up when the job begins.

09/10/07 – TEI is submitting plans to IBI for plan review and permit # for this job. TEI will provide permit numbers to County for record keeping purposes when we are complete with this process. It will be the contractors responsibility to pick up and pay for the balance of the permit when one is assigned for this project.

08/27/07 – This project has been sent out for bid with hard copies to Mark Donnelly.

08/24/07 – TEI has been instructed to move forward with this project. This project is set to open for bid on 09/26/07. The pre-bid meeting has been set up for 09/11/07.

08/10/07 – A project review meeting was held at the 250 WHT building on Tuesday, August 7, 2007. Items discussed included camera locations and specifications, new light pole locations, access into building, and budget. TEI is awaiting word from the Hamilton County Facilities Department on when this project will go out to bid.

07/30/07 – The drawings and specs are completed. The package is to be sent out today. There will not be front end or ITB# for this project because construction has been postponed until next fiscal year. When TE is given the go ahead from the Hamilton County Facilities Department on this project they will put together the front end of the project manual and issue for bid at that time.

07/09/07 – TE is finalizing the design. Drawings will be turned over to Hamilton County Facilities Department when complete.

06/29/07 – At the monthly Partnering Meeting with Hamilton County it was decided that the money to perform this work would be budgeted for a 2008 project. TE was directed to complete the design and turn over the drawings to the Hamilton County Facilities Department.

06/22/07 – A new cost estimate was presented to Mark Donnelly. TE is awaiting response on whether or not to proceed with the new latest layout and additional cost.

06/15/07 – Project moving along as expected. Changes per meeting with Mark Donnelly are being incorporated and a new cost estimated is being generated.

06/08/07 – New parking lot lighting and camera layouts were presented to Mark Donnelly along with a cost estimate. TE is moving forward with this project. There are a few slight adjustments; number of new poles, location of new poles, and number of cameras. These modifications will be made and presented again to Mark Donnelly.

06/01/07 – TE will present Mark Donnelly with new parking lot lighting and camera layouts early next week. A cost estimate will be included with the new layouts.

05/22/07 – Project review meeting was held today. Various points were discussed as described in the meeting notes. TE is laying out different schemes of possible lighting and camera layouts with the points discussed in the meeting kept in mind.

05/21/07 – Meeting to review current status is schedule for May 22, 2007 with Mark Donnelly.

04/27/07 – Estimates are complete and will be forwarded to Hamilton County Facilities Department today, April 27, 2007.

04/20/07 – Estimates are near completion and should be turned over the Hamilton County Facilities Department by the end of next week, April 27 2007.

04/13/07 – TE is working on the estimates to be turned over to Hamilton County Facilities Department.

04/06/07 – Review meeting was held today, April 6, 2007. TE is to provide pricing on 2 systems and then await owner’s selection.

03/30/07 – Preliminary layouts have been presented to Hamilton County Facilities Department for review. Review meeting will be scheduled for the first week of April 2007.

03/20/07 – TE met with camera vendor. Parking lot lighting and camera layout is currently underway.

03/20/07 – Design is continuing. Parking lot lighting is under design.

03/14/07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings.02/14/07 – Proposed parking lot lighting and camera locations has been completed by TE. This information is awaiting review by Hamilton County Facilities Department.

02/28/07 – Foot candle readings were taken by Phil Lambing in the evening of this date.

02/27/07 – Kick-off meeting held on location by Phil Lambing of ThermalTech. Attendees include Mark Hardin and Bill Scholl of Hamilton County Facilities Department. IT was decided that TE will collect foot candle readings in the parking lot to get a good idea of what will be needed to ensure personnel safety