08/13/10 – We are waiting on an approved SOSS to proceed.

09/24/10 – Project was bid out as scheduled. Bid opening scheduled for Oct 14.

10/18/10 – ThermalTech has recommended Feldkamp and Glenwood. Contracts are waiting on Pre Award responses from Feldkamp. There are questions about the controls contractor.

01/24/11 – Contracts are signed. Tony said he is ready to have the pre const mtg.

02/22/10 – Pre Const mtg complete. Electrical submittals have been sent in and approved. Pre Const Mtg notes sent being completed and sent to Contractors. We are waiting on submittals for the boilers. New project schedule must be approved by Owner.

03/30/11 – TEI has sent submittals back on all the mechanical and all the electrical submittals received. We are still waiting on flue piping submittal and controls submittals. Boiler equipment is about 4 to 6 weeks away from delivery.

04/27/11 – Asbestos abatement going on right now on some equipment. Const set to begin June 1. We are waiting for a schedule from Feldkamp and submittals on controls.

05/03/11 – Tony replied with the following “I would add one more item, that would be background Checks. I have received the (4) Local Checks. The remaining personnel on the list of employees that will be working at this site will need to have a background checks? I have not received any more Local Checks or any BCI Checks.
No work can be started until all the background are complete.

05/03/11 – TEI contacted Feldkamp and asked what is the status of this project? We don’t have project schedule, boiler flue submittals, and control submittals? TTC asked Tony to contact Feldkamp about project status.

05/04/11 – Terry wrote to the Team that Feldkamp had submitted their project schedule and it looks like this: June 1-Project start up, June 1-Demo, June 1-Electrical Demo & Work, June 14-15- Set Boilers, June 16-24-Pipe Boilers, June 16-24-Conrols, June 27-Flue piping, June 29-Inspections, June 30-Factory Startup. Basically the project construction side will take one month. To be safe, I would plan on another month to work out construction and control issues and plan on having something ready on July 31 or so.

05/24/11 – Control submittals returned. Const ready to begin in June but I don’t think contractors will have all background checks complete.

06/22/11 – TTC asked Pat Heeney Feldkamp to provide the pump vendor with pump head or whatever he thinks is best and get them the order.

06/28/11 – Feldkamp has made good progress on the demo since starting. We asked for a change order on the chilled water pumps. They said that they would be back this week to cleanup the boiler room and start to get ready for new equipment.

07/11/11 – ThermalTech checked out boiler progress and change order work on the chilled water pumps for this project. Boilers are demo’ed fine. 2 VFD’s have been installed for the HHW pumps, OA has been rerouted. Feldkamp has fitter change and we are trying to setup a const meeting for the week of July 26.

07/21/11 – ThermalTech was on site to review status. New boilers have been set in place, but no connections have been made. No indication of any contractors on site.

07/29/11 – Const Mtg 4 was held last Tuesday. The schedule was updated to have the work completed by Sept 2, 2011. Feldkamp has a new pipe fitter for this job. We discussed change order opportunities for the chilled water pumps. Vendors are giving us prices. Feldkamp has a $5000 allowance, Glenwood has a $2500 we can use. The exhaust vents will be routed straight up from the area well with rain velocity caps.

08/12/11 – TTC spoke with foreman regarding piping layout, discussion is as follows:

1. The old boilers were individually connected to the make-up water supply with no backflow preventer and we did not catch the fact that the piping only had a regulator inline before the boilers. You will need to provide a Watts 009 type domestic water backflow preventer to meet OPC section 608.3 to meet Code. Please do the work now and give me a price towards the allowance that I need to use.

2. On the pumps the P&ID line sizes here are the updates. The main line size is shown as 6″ but really most of piping at the pump is 4″. I will update the as-built.

3. On the inlet side of the pump to the suction diffuser that is coming down as 4″ piping and will not require a reduce as we show on the dwg as the suction diffuser can bolt right to the pump inlet at 3”.

4. On the outlet side of the pump the flex connectors came in at 4″ but we don’t have 4″ on the outlet. One pump has 3″ pipe and one pump as 21/2″ pipe. The flex connectors will be size to match the existing piping in the field.

5. The triple duty valves that were existing on the old pumps are not shown to be reinstalled on the new pump. This is correct, we are not requiring the triple duty valves because these pumps are being retrofitted with VFD’s. What we are requiring is what is shown on the PID’s as new butterfly isolation with lockout capability strainer and reducer if needed but the suction diffuser takes care of that. The flex connections are on the outlets and get sized to match.

6. Finally HWP-1 and HWP-2 are the same size pump in the new scheme but one has 3″ outlet piping and one has 2.5″, Thermaltech will update the as-built to reflect this change.

7. Feldkamp showed me how they are going to hook up the MER AHU unit back to the heating supply and that looked like an acceptable plan as well.

The gas piping looks great. The HHW piping at the boiers looks great.

08/22/11 – The Power terminations to the equipment at the 250 boiler job is complete. We still have to perform a factory authorized startup on the variable frequency drives. The control wiring does not have to be complete for us to do the startup but there should be a control person present. We require 1 week notice of when we can perform this startup.

08/25/11 -A&M need access to do controls work. Question into Tony about them starting now with the local backgrounds complete.

08/30/11 – Feldkamp provided a price of $45,000 to replace both CHWP-1 and CWP-1 today via a quote from his vendor. We only $5000 in allowance money so I advised Pat that it would be up to Tony Matre but I did not think he would accept this price for these pumps. I suggest we get quotes from other vendors if needed. Feldkamp says state inspector is complete, flow switches need to be added before he will sign off on install. Controls and startup should be complete by 9/8 or 9/9.

09/14/11 – Modbus is up and running per specs, and A&M has installed code to covert form Centrigrade to Fahrenheit. Boiler and Pump controls programming is complete, A&M will be testing it today. DDC Controls are about 95% complete at this time. Duke is supposed to contact TTC about regulator visit to site. Contractors have punchlist items to complete in 14 days from now.

09/15/11 – Duke is going to meter the incoming gas pressure before and after the meter and report pressure trends to TEI. The building is supplied by what is called “standard” gas service which meant 4-7″ pressure most of the time. It can drop lower in cold weather. When the data is received from Duke a decision will be made about what to do. Duke was also asked to check the regulator inside the building and was told his records indicated there was no regulator at this site-which means the regulator that is high on the wall could be an Owner one and not Duke, which means it could be removed and put boiler regulators back on. This could probably alleviate the pressure problem if the house regulator is what is causing the issue. The only problem is to check the pressure for the water heater that the gas line feeds, or to adjust the house regulator to make sure it gets the least pressure drop through the unit as possible. Once Duke is on site, a final decision can be made. Duke will be out Friday or Monday to install the trending device.

09/22/11 – All closeout paperwork has been received by ThermalTech. TTC processed it and is planning on dropping it off to Tony Matre today at our 2pm LEED meeting with GBBN.

09/23/11 – Close out Documents have been received by both Contractors.

09/30/11 – Tony is paying out Glenwood in full minus allowances but holding Feldkamp closeout for boiler resolution.

10/13/11 – Gas pressure and flow should be fine. The Duke readings were 7.9″ at full flow. Several issues to note on this job are:

1. Our boilers are smaller and therefore there is no real way that Duke can say our gas mains are undersized.

2. There is very little gas piping in this building therefore the overall gas pressure drop is very small even if Duke thinks the 1″ lines to the boilers should be 1,5″.

3. Boiler 1 is running and continues to run just fine.

4. The problem is in the BLR-2 machine itself and we should pursue Turton and tell him the gas pressure read by Duke is 7″ and ask him is there any way to soften the low pressure cut out tendancy.

5. Duke talked about having their remodel team come in-that is the people that do replace meters and regulators. TTC has worked with them before. Someone needs to be at the building with them while the boilers light off and show them what is happening. Also ask them to trend the gas pressure in the main, they have a device that does that.

Step 1- TTC will email Turton.

Step 2- TTC has already called Duke and will check back with them.

Step 3-Keep Boiler 1 in lead.

Step 4- A&M is coming out tomorrow.

10/18/11 – A&M fixed the software gliche on the boiler pumps on Friday October 14th.10/19/11 – The lighting board is not in yet and neither is the flame rod assembly but Ballinger will install when they come in. The gas piping has been changed and Boiler 2 went out overnight. Boiler 1 continues to run flawlessly. The errors are either #107 or #108 normally but we are going to send a hand written error log that Hamco has kept on Boiler 2.

10/19/11 – The lighting board is not in yet and neither is the flame rod assembly but Ballinger will install when they come in. The gas piping has been changed and Boiler 2 went out overnight. Boiler 1 continues to run flawlessly. The errors are either #107 or #108 normally but we are going to send a hand written error log that Hamco has kept on Boiler 2.

11/02/11 – Feldkamp had asked for final payment on this job. TTC e-mailed Pat Heeney to let him know that Hamilton County Facilities would not be willing to pay any more billings until Boiler #2 is fixed and acting properly. Currently it is going out every night, but seems to start back up in the mornings. Ballenger’s tech is out of town until Friday, but there was supposed to be an update on the flame rod replacement 2 weeks ago.

11/04/11 – TTC went to jobsite and witnessed the following: Flame rod sensor was changed out in both boilers. The new sensor is longer and thicker than the old one. BLR-2 started working properly as soon as the flame rod was changed out. The ignition start timing was changed to 2000. The low fire firing rate was changed to 1500 on both boilers.

TTC watched both boilers start up properly and it appeared that BLR-1 was back in LEAD and was getting ready to fire again at a setpoint at 150F.

11/07/11 – On Friday FLR-2 had 3 errors. One was error #108 and two were #109. The changes in the flame rod sensor and ignition timings were evidently not the answer. TTC requested a Tech visit and to call Mike Jackson at Hamilton Co. Facilities, he needs to know about the field visits since it is his building. No money will be released until this matter is resolved. Jim Turton with Ballenger Co. has advised Steve of the continuing problems at this site and will be in touch with Mike Jackson soon.

11/14/11 – Ballenger Company ‘s service department ordered a new boiler module for #2 and will install it as soon as it comes in. This should fix the issues. Ballenger will call the customer and schedule a service trip.

11/30/11 – The Boiler Module #2 was replaced on Monday 11/28/11, the combustion checked, and normal operation observed with no fault trips.

12/06/11 – Boiler #2 was out again. It went out on code 108-Flame Lost in Run. It went out yesterday (12/5) also on the same code.

12/09/11 – Steve Schill (service tech for Ballinger) will be at 250 WHT on 12/12 to run some test sequence operations. He has been in contact with Cleaver Brooks product engineers about the problems at this installation, and we will continue to work on a solution.

12/15/11 – TTC proposed a troubleshooting strategy that would allow tracking the boiler pressure at BLR-2 and BLR-1 and see what the differences are between the boilers and track those readings vs. failures vs incoming gas pressure from Duke. Either TEI does this survey themselves or they will hire a third party. If not problem presents itself TTC recommends the following changes at 250 WHT:

Ask to remove the pressure regulator inside the building and increase the pressure to the gas main to the building beyond the standard house pressure of 7-14″. The factory gas pressure regulators can be reinstalled and allow pressure to add one inline regulator on it too so we can drop its incoming pressure down to 14″. We could turn off permanently the natural gas feeding the labs or install a regulator on that line too but those may be out of service. This may be the best solution moving forward. If all agrees with the strategy, a face to face meeting should occur at 250 between Feldkamp, Ballenger, County and TEI.

12/20/11 – TTC spoke with Dave Messmer at Duke Energy and he says they can increase the gas pressure in the building but they would prefer to deliver 2 psig to the building not 1 psig. TTC asked Jim if the factory regulators from CB handle the 2 psig to 14″ wc turndown and if he sees any issue with it?

Assuming all that works, the County has two options at this point. Put in one 2 psig to 14″ regulator after the Duke regulator and make the whole building house pressure again or we can add regulators on each piece of equipment that doesn’t have them. Jim agrees that bringing 2 psig gas pressure into the building and then reducing it with a main step down regulator would be the “cleanest” approach. Instead of dropping the pressure to 14″ we, he suggest maybe consider a reduction of 9″ to 10″ WC in order to have a little safety factor against operating the boiler gas pressure regulators at what He believes is their maximum pressure limit. Ballenger’s service dept. needs to be notified 10 days before increasing the gas pressure.

12/22/11 – Here are the loads: We have two Cleaver Brooks Clearfire High Efficiency boilers, model number CFC-1000, Input 1000 mbh, Output 920 mbh. Only 1 of these boilers should ever run to handle the building load. The other boiler is 100% backup. Does it matter to Duke what the operation is of the boiler plant or do you size for peak load of all connected equipment? One water heater 250,000 btuh. All of these appliances are within 100 ft of the meter. Please let me know what the next step for increasing the pressure to 2 PSIG as you suggested is and what the schedule of that change might be. I have to have some contractors on site to add some regulators onto our equipment because they can only handle 14 psig incoming gas pressure so I have to coordinate that work too. Finally does Duke have a gas pressure trend log? I need to record the gas pressures before and after these changes.

12/29/11 – I have asked Duke to increase the pressure to the building to 2 psig. We will then have to install a new regulator on your house line that takes it from 2 psig down to 14″ but Jim Turton said he doesn’t want more than 10″wc which I struggle with because after we give him 10″ he will say in the dead of winter the boilers are going out on low gas pressure because Duke demand is so high. Anyways, it will probably be 12″. Their regulators can handle 1 psig (28″sc). I had to give all the loads in the building to Duke so they know what “new” regulator to bring out to the building. I have to confirm with Feldkamp that they will be purchasing and installing a new house regulator using the remaining allowance money. I think this will all take a little bit of time and with the holiday, I don’t think Duke is in a big hurry to get it done this week. What will be interesting to see is what happens when the new pressure to the BLR-2 unit is 10-12″. If it continues to g out an alarm then you will have a real case to make Feldkamp or Ballenger reimburse us all the cost or make it a no charge. Feldkamp has offered to swap the inline gas feeds between the boilers for troubleshooting – is that something you think is worth the effort if we are going with the 2spig to 12 psig regulator?

01/13/12 – TTC talked to Feldkamp and confirmed the new regular type and load. They are calling Duke to coordinate install in a week or two when it gets back up in the 40’s.

01/19/12 – The regulator and materials have been delivered to site and depending on the weather will be installed on Monday the 23 or Tuesday the 24. Start time will be around 9 or 10 to give the building time to warm up.

02/03/12 – Ballinger has been trying to get a factory tech in from Cleaver Brooks to resolve the issue. They hope to have this taken care of soon. Ballinger is copying a division head and V.P. on all correspondences.

02/21/12 – According to Jackson, the BLR-1 at 250 WHT made it through the weekend with no reported anomalies. Both boilers had the grounding point and wiring modified so they are both installed exactly the same way now.

03/16/12 – The County has accepted this project as completed. Terry has requested all closeout documents or an update on the status of the closeout process for a timeline for final payments from Pat at Feldkamp Enterprises.

03/28/12 – Terry C sent Pat at Feldkamp an e-mail saying the last payapp needs to be modified and the change order monies be paid. Terry requested the cost of change order for the extra meter at the building. There is $3,500 remaining allowance monies for this project. The previous change order was not valid so that needs to be torn up and Payapp #6 needs to be changed. Also Terry requested the final markups to create as-built drawings to submit to the County.

04/02/12 – The final invoice sent by Feldkamp is not payable through the County Auditor system, TEI will have to reject the entire pay app. Feldkamp needs to send a revised final payapp #6 that asks for the remaining balance including retainage which is $14,650.00. Send 3 originals to TTC notarized and signed for closeout.

Outstanding items that are required:

-AS-Built Markup – have they been submitted to show field changes?

-Final approved permit document from City

-Final payapp with correct billing amount

-Final certified payroll

-Three O&M manuals for Tony Matre

07/09/12 – Feldkamp talked with city inspector and looks like they will be ordering double wall vent pipe, not going to accept the way it is unless the manufacturer backs it up in writing which they won’t du to liabilities. Pretty sure there is no allowance monies left. Feldkamp will get measurements and get it on order.