by Champlin Champlin

06/18/19 – Bert emailed regrading a question from the County’s Safety Specialist regarding a egress door and egress path at the 250 WHT Building.
06/18/19 – Bert emailed floorplan and egress door in question to Champlin for review prior to site visit.
06/25/19 – On site meeting with Bert, Tony Matre and Kru to review location of Exit Door in question and review egress path.
07/03/19 – John from THP shared building code notes from 2015 project for replacement of deteriorated concrete bridges.
09/01/19 – Champlin shared memo explaining removing exit door designation at mid-landing.
09/11/19 – Cincinnati Fire Department sent followup questions.
09/17/19 – Champlin reviewed existing hardware and access control with building manager. Champlin to review this with Fire Department.

10/24/19 – Champlin had a code review meeting with Cincinnati Fire Department (Darryl Meadows) and Building Department (Greg Wiles)