Project Lead: THP

05/12/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS to investigate leaking around the building entries.

05/16/17 – THP visited the site and met with Mr. Perkins to review the leaking conditions to develop a proposal.

05/25/17 – THP developing SOSS.

06/08/17 – THP issued SOSS for review.

06/26/17 – County approved SOSS.

07/27/17 – THP plans to schedule work second week of August.

08/01/17 – THP reviewed the interior conditions of known water leaks and performed water testing on one entry door system and successfully got the entry to leak. Additional testing was performed on the windows.

08/22/17 – THP assessed all public entrances for signs of water infiltration.

09/01/17 – THP issued draft report to County for review

09/06/17 – THP issued final report to County.