Project: F39

06/01/12 – THP submitted SOSS.

09/13/12 – County approves SOSS.

10/04/12 – THP County kick-off meeting complete. DD documents due early November and Final bid documents due mid-December with a budget. Bid period mid-February.

10/31/12 – THP working on DD documents.

01/15/13 – THP Issued DD documents for review.

02/08/13 – County returned project manual comments.

02/19/13 – THP and County had a design review meeting. Reviewed construction layout and phasing building needs. County requested additional window information for review.

05/21/13 – THP issued 90% Review documents to the County.

06/27/13 – Project update. Due to weather sensitive work, if project approved work will not occur until next spring. Possible bid project late 2012.

10/31/13 – Project on hold.

01/30/14 – Project on hold.

02/27/14 – Project on hold.

04/24/14 – Project on hold.

04/24/14 – County requested THP review the status of the penthouse precast panels.

05/23/14 – THP reviewed the cooling tower penthouse structure. Based on our observations the deterioration in the steel members has continued to increase. A letter will be issued with the results of the review along with our repair recommendations.

05/29/14 – Overall project on hold.

06/12/14 – THP completed a review of the penthouse cooling tower screen walls. The condition of the walls required stabilization emergency stabilization.

06/13/14 – THP facilitated a quick bid of stabilization of the panels and cooling tower beams. American Restoration was the only bidder able to respond quickly and there bid was within 10% of the estimated work.

06/14/14 – American Fa├žade installed cables and shoring as directed by THP at the screen walls.

06/26/14 – THP anticipates publishing a letter of findings and recommendations by June 27th.

06/26/14 – Overall project on hold.

07/31/14 – Overall project on hold.

08/27/14 – Overall project on hold.

09/25/14 – Overall project on hold.

01/29/15 – Overall project on hold.

02/26/15 – Overall project on hold.

03/11/15 – THP assisted the County with the evaluation of falling concrete from the entry bridges.

03/12/15 – THP issued sketches to stabilize the bridge railings and allow use of the bridges.

03/16/15 – THP published an updated assessment of the entry bridges per the County’s request.

03/26/15 – Overall project on hold.

04/13/15 – County requested an SOSS to repair/replace the bridges. See F66.

04/30/15 – Project been put on hold.

12/09/15 – Projected construction 2017.