Project Lead: GBBN

07/28/10 – Attended Kick-off meeting with Bert Watts.

08/06/10 – SOSS sent to Bert Watts for approval.

09/20/10 – Meeting with Tim McCellan of Public Health to redefine the scope and change to two SOSS for alternate design options.

09/22/10 – Two SOSS sent to Bert Watts for approval.

11/17/10 – Owner review of Design Development drawings and estimates. Owner required a modification of the SOSS to show an Alternate Design for the countertop computer modules.

11/18/10 – GBBN submitted a revised F021 and a new F023 SOSS to Bert Watts.

11/23/10 – GBBN sent final design development sketches and associated Opinions of Probable Costs to the owner.

02/08/11 – GBBN met with Bert Watts and the staff from Public Health. The design development design and estimate were modified slightly to combine the Base and Alternate projects together into one project.

02/09/11 – GBBN sent the modified drawings and estimate based on the meeting held on 2/8/11.