Project Lead: THP

07/01/14 – THP issued review letter of penthouse conditions. County requested SOSS for 2014 structural services.

07/09/14 – THP issued SOSS to remove and repair penthouse structure.

07/17/14 – County approved SOSS.

07/22/14 – THP and County had a design coordination meeting.

07/31/14 – THP issued owner review documents.

08/04/14 – County provided review comments to project manual.

08/20/14 – THP and building tenants had meeting to discuss antennas located on the screen wall.

09/24/14 – THP issued bid document to County for review.

09/25/14 – THP issued bid documents to contractors for pricing.

09/26/14 – Bid Documents Issued.

09/30/14 – ThermalTech and THP met on site to discuss MEP options.

10/13/14 – THP issued addendum #1.

10/14/14 – Addendum No. 1 Issued.

10/21/14 – American Façade, Kramer, and O’Rourke submitted bids. American Façade was the apparent low bidder at $49044.00. THP qualifying bid.

10/28/14 – Bids received by American Façade Restoration, Kramer & Feldman, & O’Rourke. AFR is the apparent low bidder.

11/04/14 – THP reviewed and recommend AFR bid.

11/06/14 – THP issued draft AIA County / AFR contract.

01/07/14 – AIA Contract executed by prosecutor.

01/21/15 – Pre Construction Meeting completed.

01/22/15 – THP issued permit set to AFR and the County. County and THP reviewed and approved AFR bid.

01/28/15 – City of Cincinnati issued a building permit.

01/28/15 – All submittals returned to AFR.

02/03/15 – Preconstruction meeting completed.

02/18/18 – Review meeting for alternate antenna installations.

02/24/15 – THP provide options and pricing for alternate antenna installations. County is reviewing the options.

02/24/15 – All electrical work complete by Phasor Electrical Services with the exception of the reinstallation of the HAMM radio antennas. Antennas will be reinstalled once the screen walls are removed.

02/26/15 – Previous demolition work on hold due to weather. Work planned for 2/28/15, but waiting on final weather report.

03/14/15 – AFR removed the precast panels.

03/15/15 – AFR removed the steel and installed the antenna mast.

03/20/15 – AFR completed remaining work and THP published a punch list.

03/20/15 – City inspector issued a Final Inspection ticket.

04/28/15 – THP received final closeout paperwork form AFR and forwarded AFR closeout paper work to the County.

05/28/15 – THP to finish up CAD drawing and submit to the County.

06/24/15 – THP completed Archibus drawing files and AFR working on closeout project manual.

07/29/15 – Correction from 6/24, THP completed Archibus drawing files and AFR working on closeout project manual.