06/07/11 – Kick-off Meeting at 250 WHT Building. The existing phone switch room at 237 WHT was also visited.

06/15/11 – SOSS delivered to Bert Watts.

06/23/11 – Signed SOSS received with associated Purchase Order.

06/28/11 – Design has begun. There are concerns about the fire suppression on this project already. Wet sprinkler exist in the storage rooms and IT wants to remove them. TEI says that the city would have to approval such a removal. There are discussions about Alternate cost for a clean agent fire suppression system for this space but TEI is also recommending an alternate to that to provide a pre-action system if we have to keep the wet sprinklers.

07/06/11 – Kick-off Meeting with Mike Barth and Mike Folck of ThermalTech. ThermalTech and GBBN held coordination meeting.

07/11/11 – TTC has suggested asking the city if we can remove the spinklers that existing in the storage rooms now that are limited area sprinklers.

07/21/11 – ThermalTech, HamCo facilities, building personnel, and HamCo IT staff met to review progress drawings. HamCo IT group modified plans to change the location of phone racks, phone switches, voice mail server, and associated equipment. The location of the condensing unit was determined and the routing of the line set was planned thru the existing elevator shaft. Several alternates were discussed including a clean agent fire suppression system and removal of the existing freight elevator.

07/29/11 – GBBN found a transfer grille that ThermalTech will have to address in the clean agent alternate before bidding.

08/05/11 – HamCo facilities and HamCo IT review comments incorporated into design. Drawings and specs issued for bidding including clean agent fire suppression and elevator removal alternates.

08/08 /11 -Bid documents released to Purchasing and ARC Reproductions.

08/18 /11 -Pre-bid meeting held at 250 WHT. Deadline for questions: 08/22/11, deadline for answers: 08/25/11, bid opening date 09/01/11.

08/24/11 – Addenda #1 released by GBBN to Purchasing and ARC Reproductions. Issued to bidders for clarification.

09/01/11 – Bid Opening held. Contractors are selected.

09/02/11 – GBBN authors contract for General Trades Contractor (JB Schmitt Co., Inc.)

09/05/11 – TEI suggests revisions to contracts. Bert Watts approves those revisions to be made. GBBN sends modified contract and signature sheet to Bert Watts.03/27/12 – ThermalTech added new panel PP-1 to the Arc Flash model. An Arc Flash label was added to the panel in the field, and a copy of the updated excel file was emailed to Rodney Lofland and Bert Watts.

10/19/11 – Received Contracts and Purchase Orders from Leo J. Brielmaier Co., J.B.Schmitt Co. and Atkins and Stang Inc.

12/05/11 – Pre-construction meeting held with TEI, GBBN, HamCo, and contractors to review status and coordination. GC and EC expected to mobilize tomorrow (12/6), MC to mobilize when completed with background checks.

12/13/11 – Concrete pad size and location within telephone switch room approved by TEI and GBBN. J.B. Schmitt to proceed with installation.

02/22/12 – Project is substantially complete, waiting on close out documentation. There is a need to have a conduit extended from the existing telephone room in the 237 building to the TB clinic. TE to hold on any work associated with this until further notice from Bert Watts. Upon receipt of all closeout documentation from all vendors, TE will forward to County.

02/23/12 – Bert reported that telecom will be changing the way the fiber is running but County telcomm will coordination this work directly with Neyer and Cinbell

02/28/12 – ThermalTech is in receipt of the closeout documents that you were submitted for this project, along with a receipt for final payment. Per the requirements of the project manual, there are items that must be submitted prior to processing the final payments. Upon receipt of the following items, we can process the closeout documents: Punchlist (completed and signed), Notarized statements of warrantee, AIA Document G706 Contractors Affidavit of payment of debts and claims, AIA Document G706A Contractor’s affidavit of release of leans, separate affidavits and waiver of liens for each subcontractor and material supplier, AIA Document G707-consent of surety to final payment, affidavit of Contractor prevailing wages for all contractors or subcontractors supplying labor to the project.

4/4/12- GBBN As-buiilt drawings were sent to Bert Watts.

05/29/12 – As-builts were sent to Bert Watts.

06/26/12 – Mike Barth of ThermalTech contacted Fred Stang of Adkins and Stang to request all final closeout documentation. Fred indicated that Linda McCormick of A&S on vacation this week, but will follow up ASAP.

07/25/12 – Mike Barth spoke to Linda McCormick of A&S. She indicated that she has the entire close out package ready to submit except the as-built. Linda told me that she would get that to submit as soon as possible, and that they realize that the final pay app is still pending.

8/29/12 – Fred Stang of Adkins and Stang emailed on 8/14/12 indicating that closeout documents would be sent by the end of the week of 8/13/12. To date, still pending.