Project Lead: ThermalTech

02/26/12 – ThermalTech met with Will Perkins, Bert Watts and John Nester to review existing conditions and to define scope. ThermalTech developing SOSS.3/1/13 – SOSS issued to Bert Watts. ThermalTech waiting on approval and on PO.

03/01/13 – SOSS issued to Bert Watts. ThermalTech waiting on approval and on PO.

04/24/13 – SOSS approved and PO issued to ThermalTech. ThermalTech to schedule kick Off meeting with Bert Watts to establish schedule.

06/26/13 – Project bids have been received, and Debra Kuempel is apparent low bid. ThermalTech has called DK for pre-award conference, and will draft contracts as soon as conference is complete.

8/28/13 – DK has signed and returned contracts to Hamilton County. Waiting on NTP to begin work.

09/25/13 – DK has NTP – and will send Mike Barth of TE Submittals for approval. Tom Helmes of DK is matching existing equipment as specified.

10/30/13 – New pole has been received by DK and is scheduled to be installed this week.

01/24/14 – ThermalTech (Mike Barth) and DK met on site for final punchlist backcheck. DK submitted 100% pay application less retainage.

02/25/14 – DK submitted pricing for change order for replacing (6) lamps in parking lot, (1) wall pack lamp on building, and (3) pole light lamps at the coroners office. CO pending approval and signatures.

03/26/14 – DK has approved CO for replacing the lights.

04/24/14 – Change order sent in but not all the work was done so Mike and John need to coordinate the change order work. Ameresco lighting contractor jumped out and replaced lights.