03/15/05 – Indrolect reported the lamp was replaced with a Philips bulb. We will watch the fixture and see how long it last. If this bulb burns out, then Indrolect will verify ballast and wiring between the two fixtures to see why one is working and one is not.

03/14/05 – PHB delivered the FINAL O&M’s to Thermaltech today. TTC will review, approve and then hand deliver these to the County and in particular Joe Merkt within a

week (i have seen all this paperwork before but now i have it in book format). There are 3 manuals black in color and named Operation & Maintenance 630 Main Building. TTC also talked to John Nagel on status of outside spotlight and they are still working on it. Give them one more day so they can trouble test the wiring as I have asked them to do.

02/18/05 – Greg asked if one of the spotlights can be replaced at 630 as the lighting was not working. Indrolect had Bobby Potter visit the site and replace the bad lamp.

11/18/04 – Peck will be on site this Saturday to remove the internal insulation in AHU-1. This has been coordinated with Joe Merkt and represents that last item to take care of from the punchlist on this project.

11/17/04 – Indrolect and Square D ordered a complete new speed drive for RF-2 to replace the one that burnt up this week. We are hoping this is replaced within a week’s time. No cost to the project and contractors are to coordinate with Joe Merkt on the fix.

10/25/04 – Indrolect & Carrigan & Grimm Substantial Completions are signed and approved.

10/15/04 – TE has requested the PHB provide a price to remove or reword the existing ductwork on AHU-1 that has internal insulation that won’t be acceptable for winter humidification. The insulator was onsite on 10/14/04 with Joe Merkt. The price is forthcoming. All other punchlist items on this project are complete.

10/15/04 – TE has approved Indrolects O&M manuals and is sending one to Greg Smorey for record keeping and one directly to Joe Merkt for record keeping on this project.

10/15/04 – ThermalTech sent all substantial completion documents to the contractors for signing. All were dated for August 8 except for Peck which was dated for October 1, 2004. Four originals were sent to each contractor with instructions for them to sign and send all four to Greg Smorey. Greg was instructed to sign them and return one to the contractor and a copy of one back to ThermalTech.

10/13/04 – Five originals “AIA Certificate of Substantial Completion” documents mailed to each Contractor (Indrolect picked-up).

Temporary occupancy permit has been issued.

Door hardware issue remains to be solved.

Final punchlist and commissioning on controls must be completed.

Final balancing must be completed.

Final humidifier installation must be completed.

Joe Merkt to attend training course in October to meet training requirements of specifications.