Project Lead: GBBN

07/11/12 – Bert Watts called and requested GBBN call Tim Moorman to discuss kick-off meeting. GBBN speaks to Tim and discusses project.

07/13/12- GBBN visits the site for the kick-off meeting. GBBN contacts Facilities to discuss original shower reportedly removed from Judge’s Chambers. No one has any knowledge of existing shower on this floor.

07/13/12 – Erica Farris calls requesting another visit to discuss more scope to project. Adding Prosecutor’s Waiting Area renovations or moving of existing Courtroom to other side of floor.

07/13/12 – GBBN verifies existing Facilities AutoCAD files are not fully accurate of existing conditions nor is millwork or furniture shown on these plans.

07/16/12 – GBBN performs field verification of existing spaces and updates AutoCAD drawing files.

07/18/12 – GBBN forwards SOSS to Facilities Department. HCFD emphasizes no work to be performed before SOSS approved.

07/18/12 – Erica Farris requests GBBN to visit site again to discuss additional scope items.

07/18/12 – Erica Farris requests GBBN to forward field verified drawings to Office Furniture Source.

07/19/12 – GBBN forwards updated AutoCAD drawing file via email.

07/23/12 – GBBN visits site again at request of Tim Moorman. Update of project given to Tim upon return from vacation. GBBN asked again about the option of moving the Courtroom to other side of floor. Tim mentioned this option was never discussed previously.

07/30/12 – Erica Farris requests update on design initiation. GBBN reports SOSS has not been approved yet.

07/31/12 – SOSS approved and sent via email from Bert Watts.

08/02/12 – GBBN sends updated AutoCAD files of Office Furniture Source.

08/02/12 – GBBN is contacted by Erica Farris to discuss changes to desgin to add an access corridor from Judge’s Chamber to the Courtroom and changes to the Prosecutor’s Waiting Room. GBBN responds that day.

08/03/12 – ThermalTech sends drawings of the existing 12th Floor mechanical system and description of operation.

08/03/12 – Erica Farris notifies GBBN that Office Furniture Source has suggested subdividing the Prosecutor’s Waiting Room into three space. GBBN is asked to investigate the possibilities. GBBN responds about code issues regarding occupant loads, egress, fresh-air for occupant load for conference rooms and waiting rooms.

08/13/12 – GBBN finalizes Options #1 through #5 along with Pros and Cons of each and an Estimate of Probable Cost for each.

08/17/12 – GBBN meets with Erica Farris, Judge Hunter, Case Manager and Sheriff’s Deputy to review options and discuss other programming issues. Options are reviewed and critiqued. GBBN is instructed to modify Option in Courtroom to include Deputy location and Additional Attorney Seating.

08/23/12 – GBBN sends updated Option #6 showing input from previous site meeting.

08/24/12 – JAVS contacted by GBBN about relocation of existing control box and Opinion of Probable Cost via email on website.

08/26/12 – Bert Watts is sent all Design Options and Opinions of Probable Cost.

08/27/12 – JAVS contacts GBBN about inquiry into relocation of existing control box and Opinion of Probable Cost. Future site visit may be coordinated in near future. Bert Watts indicates Judge Hunter’s Office is now requesting painting of Courtroom and adjacent spaces, refinishing of existing hardwood floors and carpet/base be added to scope. GBBN forwards pricing information for painting to Bert Watts.

08/29/12 – Erica Farris requests GBBN to visit the site again to discuss additional changes to the Option #6. GBBN visits site to meet with Erica Farris. The design is modified and resent via email that afternoon.

09/07/12 – Bert Watts and GBBN meet with Judge Hunter and Erica Farris to finalize latest schemes and options for the Courtroom and Attorney’s Waiting Areas. Discussions held to examine how to proceed from this point forward.