10/13/05 – Ben sent out some status notes trying to get Arrow to finalize. We are awaiting further direction for our part of the completed work.

09/29/05 – Arrow said they would address the additional items noted at 800 Broadway.

09/29/05 – Additional items were noticed from at 800 Broadway, “This is an F.Y.I. for you regarding the Judge’s bathroom. We had to call the maintenance folks because we ‘heard’ a funny sound coming inside the little access panel on the outside wall of the bathroom located in our kitchen area. When I opened the panel, water was spurting out from two sides of a pipe. The guys came up and turned off the water, I think. Not sure what comes next. However…they mentioned to the Judge that her bathroom sink faucets are on ‘backwards’. You might want to add these situations to your ‘punch list’?? Thanks.

09/27/05 – Arrow responded to punchlist items. PDF

09/23/05 – GBBN issued a revised punchlist with photographs and a directive to Arrow. PDF

09/22/05 – Meeting / Punchlist. GBBN is typing up additional punchlist items, including past unfinished ones, for Arrow to respond to by 09/26/05. At that time it will be decided whether to let Arrow finish, or proceed with hiring another contractor to finish.

09/13/05 – Meeting / Punchlist was cancelled for today. Diana went over to Job Site and is still displeased with Arrow’s Tile work.

09/09/05 – GBBN has scheduled a meeting at the site for 09/13/05 at 7:45 am

09/06/05 – Debbie Poland informed ThermalTech of Judge Grady’s choice of fixtures, and ThermalTech relayed the information to Arrow.

09/02/05 – ThermalTech contacted Arrow and mentioned Pat Murphy at Select Spec Sales, as a possible vendor to obtain a solid toilet seat.

09/02/05 – GBBN informed ThermalTech that the light fixture for over the Mirror has been discontinued, and to specify another one.

09/02/05 – ThermalTech had GBBN forward the following to Arrow: The cleanout and floor drain should be level with the tile and grouted in closely. It should be almost a perfect fit when done right and have a brass cover plate that should look relatively nice. Arrow should adjust the floor flange on the cleanout and floor drain so they are level, if they still can. They may have to bust out the floor and adjust it and then pour a patch around it.

09/02/05 – Judge Grady has made the following requests: Raise the top of the plumbing clean-out to align with the top of the tile. Install a solid toilet seat cover in leiu of the “open” toilet seat currently installed. Install the second coat hook. Install the over – cabinet light fixture. Replace the cracked tile at the “clean-out”. Patch up the plaster adjacent to the sink and cabinet (at door). Provide a finish on the kick-plate of the millwork. Provide shelf in wall cabinet per sheet A201.

08/29/05 – Architectural and Mechanical Punchlist was completed.

08/08/05 – Project meeting postponed for one week.

08/01/05 – Exhaust Fan is not installed yet but is on order. Plumbing is roughed into the wall through the floor space. Electric is roughed into the walls and ready for inspection, insulation and the gyp board. Progress is slow from the MEP side but is going forward.

06/16/05 – GBBN and Arrow are working to resolve a toilet outlet issue. There is a beam below the slab that is interfering with the toilet outlet. GBBN called today to say that they can use a 4-inch filler space to move a wall and thus give the plumber enough room to route the new sanitary line. TE approved this shift in the plumbing.

06/10/05 – TE received insulation, plumbing fixtures and electrical. TE will send out comments on Monday.

06/07/05 – TE sent out submittals on EF, DWV Piping and Vent, Ball Valves and Hangers.

05/10/05 – GBBN setup preconstruction meeting for project on May 24th.

04/19/05 – It was agreed that since Arrow won every part of the bid that GBBN would write an inclusive contract the entailed all items on this project. TE thinks this is great idea and removes all coordination issues between contractors since we will have only one contractor on this job doing all phases of work.

04/15/05 – Bid Evaluation was released. PDF.

04/06/05 – Add01 was released by GBBN and TE. Add01

03/22/05 – Prebid meeting complete. Reupert was only mechanical at Prebid. Sam filled out permit application for HVAC and sent to Brady. GBBN already has all the books and drawings with our stamp. As usual we cannot stamp plumbing drawings because we don’t hold a Master Plumbers license.

03/14/05 – Client review meeting. TTC coordinate with Brady on plumbing items to state the 3-5/8″ wall is fine for our tank type water closet and countertop lavatory.

03/08/05 – TE asked Facilities for direction on copper vs. no-hub cast iron for the sanitary lines on this project in the even they ever entertain waterless urinal systems.

02/25/05 – TE has begun design the MEP on this project. Layout and specs are being compiled.

02/22/05 – TE provided a price of $100 for the gooseneck faucet and $150 for the additional light above the vanity mirror pursuant to the email from the County today.

02/11/05 – DEW advised TE to write the SOSS for this project and submit it to the County for Approval. TE finished and put in the mail on Monday.

01/31/05 – GBBN assembled a complete cost estimate for this project and turned over to the County. We are awaiting further direction from the County. TE noted that GBBN had $3500 too much because TE had front end cost in the estimate and it isn’t required.

01/11/05 – ThermalTech has conducted all fieldwork and assembled a probably cost estimate based on our understanding of the scope of work. We are awaiting a meeting time or notice to proceed. Estimate includes new fixtures, exhaust fan, ductwork, plumbing and electrical work for anticipated scope.