Project Lead: ThermalTech

02/22/17 – TEI and Facilities met with Assistant Chief Probation Officer to scope out the project for the renovation of existing paper storage room. TEI to develop SOSS and submit to BW by 03/03/17.

03/20/17 – Met onsite to do more fieldwork. We found plumbing, HVAC and electrical locations for this work. Our belief after this field trip is that we can make this job work in this room.

03/22/17 – Project in design – fast track project to meet client deadlines.

04/12/17 – THP ThermalTech requested structural review of the proposed unit on the raised floor.

04/26/16 – Permits are in for electric and mechanical. Queen City Mechanical is submitting a permit for the plumbing but it should also be in by now. Mechanical bids have been submitted and forwarded to Bert Watts.

04/26/17 – THP published findings that design capacity of the raised flooring would support the listed weight of the AU480.

04/27/17 – Electrical Plan review approved. ThermalTech to pick up permit and drop off with facilities prior to monthly partner meeting.

05/22/17 – Electrical permit picked up and dropped off with facilities department.

06/08/16 – Feldkamp asked if they can route the new ventilation line form the room duct in flex. TTC reluctantly agreed but only if it can bring in the 50cfm required on the drawings.

06/22/17 – Electrical Installation complete, and the project has been inspected and final IBI approval received.

06/23/17 – Talked to Feldkamp and HVAC is complete, they were unclear about submitting for their own electrical IBI permit just for the unit but they are taking care of that.

07/25/17 – TEI provided Feldkamp revised drawing for IBI approval. TEI Checked EZ Track (Cagis) at 3:00 PM on 07/25 and no change in status (last update on Cagis was 06/26).

07/27/17- Electrical inspection complete, plumbing approved waiting for startup, mechanical permit approved, electrical HVAC permit awaiting approval. A backflow preventer may be added after startup of the new equipment.

08/31/17 – HVAC permit has deficiency concern for refrigerant in the boiler room ancillary room. TTC to check with Feldkamp.

09/25/17 – Called the City Permit department about comment on condenser being in mechanical room. I don’t understand this comment as R-410a has no flame propagation potential and its less than 5 lbs so there should be no issue with permitting, plus there is no OA for AHU in this space. I sent all this info to Feldkamp HVAC as well hoping to resolve this issue.

10/26/17 – Pat says this will be wrapped up by the week’s end.

11/28/17 – Feldkamp says that permit is cleared up with Reggie at the City and they will get this job closed out. TTC contacted them today to push that along. Reggie has clossed and approved the project.