11/16/06 – NR visited the site to verify the panel names for the Arc Flash Study. All panels are verified and the single line is complete. The Arc Flash Label information is currently being inputted into EDSA and the labels are being generated. This portion of the project should be completed within the next 3-4 weeks.

09/27/06 – The final drawings were sent out to Queen City to be delivered to Bert Watts so that he could distribute them to the appropriate people. Areas on the 4th and 5th floor will be updated when the Adult Probation Renovation project is completed and ThermalTech receives the as-built drawings. The panel schedule binders were delivered at an earlier date. All other work on this project is complete.

06/27/06 – The close-out meeting was held on location. There were no open issues. Ginter Electric provided (2) CD’s with the panel schedules on them. I will have the drawings together within the next couple of weeks. TE will have (3) full sized sets delivered to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Darnell Edwards). TE will make (3) binders of the panel schedules and deliver them to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Darnell Edwards) .

06/21/06 – Spoke with Darnell Edwards about the EMU area. He informed me that the devices were marked and that he is satisfied with the work performed. Close-out meeting has been schedule for June 27 at 9:00am.

11/15/05 – Contracts have been submitted.